Making the decision that you and your family are ready to adopt a puppy is huge to say the least. It’s a commitment that will last years and will bring a whole new member into your household. While the anticipation of bringing home a tiny ball of fur will certainly be the focus, it’s also important to give thought as to how you can prepare the home for the arrival of your new puppy. Here are some tips that will take you through the basics, which will make settling in a lot easier for your new fur baby.

Look into Crate Training

Before your new puppy comes home, you may want to spend some time looking into crate training – what’s involved and what the benefits are. For many people, choosing to crate train their puppy ends up being the smartest decision. When you aren’t home or you just aren’t able to give your puppy your full attention, they can rest easy and comfortably in their crate where you know they can’t get into any trouble, injure themselves, or get into anything dangerous.

Crate training can also help with such things as housetraining, separation anxiety, and more. As soon as you’ve picked your puppy, you’ll be able to purchase a crate that is the right size and type for that breed.

Ensure Your Garden Is Safe for a Puppy

For those who have a garden that their puppy will be using, you also want to do a thorough inspection and make sure it’s safe for the puppy to play in. This means that the garden is fenced in so they can’t escape and run through the neighbourhood or possibly run into the street, ensuring there is nothing dangerous they can get into, and making sure that it is well-lit so that you can see them even at night time.

Also, it’s a good idea to ensure there is a place they can go that provides shade, whether that be a covered porch or area in the garden, or even a dog house.

Hide All Harmful Chemicals and Dangerous Items

Just as you would do with a toddler, you also want to walk through your house and either lock up or place items out of reach that are dangerous and harmful for your puppy. This includes things like household cleaners of course, but also some foods like chocolate, which can be deadly for dogs if they consume.

Find a Vet and Invest in Pet Insurance

If this is your first pet, then you will also need to find a new vet that you’ll take them to. You can ask around with friends and family, and check reviews online. Pet insurance is also something you can look into, which will bring down the costs of expensive vet bills.

Everypaw offers insurance for dogs in a variety of packages so you can pick one that works with your budget and needs. They also offer a 24-hour chat line so you can talk anything over if it is playing on your mind. It’s a good idea to look into a dog insurance policy when you bring your pup home, just in case any issues arise.  

By using these tips, you’ll find that your new puppy has a much smoother and safer transition into becoming part of the family.