Choosing an outdoor wedding can have plenty of benefits. From beautiful natural décor to fresh air and magnificent backdrops, outdoor venues will offer you an unforgettable wedding. However, with all the wonderful advantages come possible setbacks as well. This is why you should think about even the smallest of details before you make the final decision about hosting your nuptials at the beach, on a farm or maybe in a waterfront restaurant.


outdoor wedding advice

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When you consider an outdoor wedding venue, you need to think about the season as well. If it’s been a rainy year, you should probably opt for an outdoor option. If the humidity is too high or the summer is too hot, an air-conditioned indoors may be a more suitable option. On the other hand, consult with the management of the venue you’re considering to book and see if maybe they have some backup solutions in case of bad weather.


outdoor wedding advice

Planning a wedding at an outdoor venue requires you to think about the surroundings of the venue as well. Just think about having your big day at a farm, where various animals live. You must be sure that the smells of the farm don’t reach your premises or your happy day can get ruined in a matter of seconds. Also, for more urban locations check that no train or subway is located anywhere near the venue, or the whole hustle and bustle of the trains can seriously disrupt the entire ambience.

Indoor facilities

Another important factor to consider when planning an outdoor wedding is the facilities your potential venue offers. If you’ve thought about needing a dressing room, make sure the venue can accommodate you with one. Also, the venue should have enough restrooms for all of your guests, and it’s essential that you know how far away they will be or if maybe you can have a few porta potties outside, if need be. If you choose a beautiful waterfront restaurant in Sydney for your wedding, you’ll have the perfect mixture of an outdoor terrace that overlooks the water and an elegant neutral indoor décor. Also, you won’t have to worry about the distance of the indoor facilities, because they’ll be only a few steps away from the beautiful outdoor terrace.


outdoor wedding advice

If you’re planning a big wedding, you need to consider the parking space. What’s more, the parking should be easily accessible, and everyone should be able to get out of the parking without a fuss, after the event. So, if you’re orchestrating a farm wedding, you should make sure that there’s a designated parking available, so that your guests don’t end up stuck in the mud, or that their vehicles can’t get up or down the hill.

Prepare for the wind

outdoor wedding advice

Even though you might have chosen summer or spring for your big day, the wind can still surprise you, so make sure you’re prepared for this possibility. Windy weather can cause plenty of trouble, so avoid light, flowing fabrics as chiffon for your wedding gown. It would be a good idea to tell your make-up artist and hair stylist that you’ll possibly be facing a windy weather, so that they can make your hair and maquillage accordingly. A fairly sheltered venue in Sydney would be a wonderful option if you pick out a windy season, so that it can protect you from various guests.

Final thoughts

outdoor wedding advice

From weather conditions to the surroundings, the facilities, and appropriate parking, you should really think about numerous factors before hosting your wedding at an outdoor venue. If you think this is too much for you to plan, just ask for professional help and let the wedding planner deal with all the details and make your happy day truly unforgettable.