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It’s unlikely that the spare bedroom is the most spacious, beautiful, and well-decorated in your house. It may look lovely, sure, but you’re almost certainly going to be reserving the better spaces for yourself or your family members. So – it’s certainly not uncommon that the spare room you now have, perhaps in the basement or attic or a simple side room that used to be a home office before you retired, is now relatively modest, and you’re not sure how to decorate it.

Never fear. Sure, you may have some constraints (it’s unlikely you’re going to place many floor-length mirrors or chandeliers in this space), but there’s probably more room to work with than you expect, especially if you’re willing to expand this space through deliberate choices.

But what are those choices? Taking all the plants out of the room to add some space? Only using one light bulb hanging from the ceiling instead of an actual lamp? Of course not, but you may have to make concessions. Let’s consider what those may be, below:

Pull-Out Beds

A pull-out bed is often the best possible way to craft a spare room into a bedroom, while also preserving some of the space. This may be a fold-up bed that folds into a wider unit with side wardrobes, or it might fold into a sofa. As long as the overall bed frame is strong and can easily take a rolled mattress, you’ll be in the best position. From there, you just need to have a blanket and some spare pillows nearby. These tend to offer deceptively comfortable sleeping experiences.

Minimal, But Beautiful Mirrors

With arched mirror provisions on a bookshelf or placed on furniture surfaces, you’ll be able to reflect the natural space around a room in the best way. These mirrors can be their own form of decoration as they look wonderful and also offer a confident, comfortable, relaxing and inviting aesthetic thanks to how simple and cleanly presented they are. Of course, mirrors serve a functional use too, as they can be a perfect addition for anyone checking their appearance before they leave the room – after all, spare bedrooms aren’t always lucky enough to have en-suites or full dressing tables

Wall-Mounting Provisions

It may sound too simple to offer as a solution, but the more you implement wall-mounted features in a tiny space, the more you can free up the floor space. So for example, all of the bedside lights may be wall-fitted in the best way. On top of that, you’ll find a real benefit to wall-mounting the television and perhaps even third-party setting, and some wall mounts even allow some movement so you can angle it correctly based on the seat or bed in the space. Of course, shelving units, art, and even storage can all be wall-mounted too. Provided the space has navigable flooring and doesn’t make you crouch to get under the wall fixtures, it will be designed well and the space will be free to enjoy.