Are your kids headed back to school this fall? If you’re like us, there is always a period of readjustment when the beginning of September comes around. There are things you can do to prepare the whole family for going back to school. This year you can sit back and enjoy this season of life because there be won’t be the typical unpreparedness happening.

Get on a Schedule

As much as the family wants to avoid a schedule, it’s so important. Try and get the whole family on a light schedule to prepare for back to school. Have tentative bedtimes put in place and maybe even nap times for the little ones. You could even practice “homework” times but instead, spend that time reading or writing.

Don’t Stop Learning this Summer

One way to get your family ready for back to school is to keep learning this summer. Don’t stop reading those books and writing in those journals. Those are two activities that will keep your brain learning and active this summer.

Have Curriculum Ready

If you’re homeschooling kids this year, make sure you have the curriculum ready ahead of time. Waiting till later in the season is okay, just in case you think your child might do a little more maturing learning wise. It’s advisable to have at least an idea about what you will be teaching your kids curriculum wise.

Keep Things Positive

While you and the kids might be excited to go back to school, you know there are still bound to be some stresses. Try your best to keep things positive this fall. The positivity starts with the parents and trickles down to the kids. Make sure you are trying your best to keep things as encouraging as possible.

Sprinkle in Fun

Going back to school should not be all stressful; you can add some fun in as well. Create a back to school party for the kids to get things off to a great start. You can even schedule fun breakfast ideas in to help move things along in the morning. For example, smiley face pancakes one day or and “make your own omelets Monday.”

Have a Family Meeting

A lot of times kids and parents build anxiety about going back to school. Take the time to call a family meeting. Older kids can help console younger children about the idea of going back to school. Everyone can ask questions and of course, talk about their fears associated with going back to school. You can have a family meeting as often as you would like throughout the school year. Family meetings can act as a safe zone to let your kids talk about what’s happening in their lives. One of the best tips for going back to school would be to stay involved as a parent. It can be hard when you have several different ages of children in school, but do your best to be active in some way. Don’t be afraid to call in for dad’s help in this process as well. Getting the whole family involved in preparation for back to school is one smart move.