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Nature is a beautiful thing. Everyone has a favorite season, for one reason or another. But, there is something about summer that makes most people yearn for its arrival.

In this post, we are going to share with you some of the most wonderful summer destinations. If your passion is the ocean, the beach, the mountains, or remote islands, you will find your paradise.

Tuscany, Italy

Italy is an alluring country. It is rich in history The colorful hillsides and rich vineyards make it a natural treasure. The massive collection of art museums, and ancient cathedrals is proof that man considers Tuscany a great value as well.

Scrub Island Resort Spa & Marina

Photo credit:  Pixabay

What can be more beautiful than a private island? This British Virgin Island is part of the Lesser Antilles islands. This is not your average tourist attraction. Scrub Island is an amazing island in the Caribbean.

You will enjoy a perfect 5-star resort with all the amenities. There are three restaurants onsite ranging from gourmet to casual dining. Every customer is treated like royalty. Swim in a private pool with a swim-up bar. The resort offers free boat transfers for getting on and off the island. Food is prepared by world-class chefs and only the best wines are served.

Isle of Skye Scotland

Duisdale Hotel isle Of Skye

The Duisdale House and Hotel have 18 beautiful rooms. Each is decorated in its own theme and time period. The restaurant in this hotel has been acclaimed as being the best food served on the island.  If you have ever been to the Isle of Skye, you know, that is a bold statement.

Due to the limited space available, make your reservations soon.

Any of these beautiful locations are perfect for summer travel. If you happen to be looking for a place for a destination wedding, click the link for a bridal shop that specializes in beach wedding gowns.

This post focuses on adult locations. Family theme park and amusement centers are well known. However, if you take a child on one of these adventures, they will have the time of their life.

Jones Victorian Estate, Orange CA, USA

This historical estate is a walk back in time. The mansion was built in 1881. When the wrought iron gates open, you see a 972-foot drive trimmed with beautiful roses, flowers, and greenery professionally landscaped for dramatic charm. Winding paths, stairs, and old-world charm is lovely.

Even though this venue is meticulously maintained, great effort is taken in personalizing your event. You will be celebrating a wedding that is uniquely yours. This venue is by far the most elegant and classically beautiful venue in the city and maybe even in the country. There is no venue that can touch this one for vintage charm and grace. While Jones Victorian Estate is not a honeymoon venue. However,  it is near several beautiful resorts.

This is like taking a way through American history. Most Americans dream of walking through these gates, but few are ever giving the opportunity to do so. Your guests will never forget this once in a lifetime vent.

As you can see, no matter where you live or what country you want to visit, you will find a beautiful place for your beautiful wedding. Summer has arrived so book your reservations soon.

Written by: Ashley Lipman

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