One of the best things about the summertime is getting to enjoy your favorite summer fruits — often, in pie or cobbler form. But the act of baking a pie in the hot temperatures probably doesn’t have nearly as much appeal. After all, we already use approximately 56% of our home energy for heating and cooling purposes in the United States. If you have to turn the oven on, your HVAC system will have to work harder to keep your home nice and cool. But there are some ways to avoid the oven altogether if you want to make a cobbler. Here are a few of our favorites.

Use the Slow Cooker


While you probably use your crockpot a lot during the winter, you can depend on it during the summer months, too. It takes all the work out of cooking and alleviates the need to slave over a hot stove. Just mix your choice of fruit with sugar and spices and pour into the crockpot. Then, top with biscuit mix and cook for a few hours. Although 70% of Americans don’t meet the daily recommendations for daily fruit and veggie consumption, you’ll be able to reach your target in no time with this method.

Use a Fire

You can actually make cobbler on the barbecue grill or over a campfire, which means you can enjoy this delicious dessert even when you’re roughing it. If you go the BBQ route, you can use a cast iron frying pan or aluminum cake ban. Put the ingredients in and put the pan over indirect medium heat for about half an hour. Want to try making it over the bonfire? Use a Dutch oven or a cast iron skillet and nestle it in the coals of the fire (not over the top of the flames). It’ll take 45 minutes to an hour to cook. Make sure the heat is evenly distributed and that the coals are swapped out on top regularly. It’s a nice alternative to s’mores, that’s for sure.

Use a Microwave

Although you can definitely make cobbler using only the stovetop, we’re assuming you want to avoid that area of the kitchen altogether. If you want a fast and easy cobbler, turn to your trusty microwave and make an individual-sized cobbler in a mug. Simply mix a half-cup of fruit, sugar, and biscuit topping and heat for two minutes or less. Once the fruit starts to bubble, you’ll know it’s done. It may not be fancy, but it’s perfect when you’re on your own and want a quick and sweet snack.
Whether you’ve got company or are playing it solo, you can still enjoy this beloved dessert without adding to the high temperatures in your home. The more energy you can save, the more comfortable you’ll feel — and the more you can save on your utility bills.