During the summer, it seems like every event is held outside. But harsh weather, including heat waves and thunderstorms, have caused some events, like the Indiana Black Expo’s annual summer concert, to move indoors.

This event usually brings a striking 30,000 people each year to celebrate summer with the event’s free concert. With acts including Stephanie Mills, After 7, and Loose Ends, however, the new concert venue at the Indiana Convention Center only holds an estimated 8,000 people this year.

While this seemed harsh for some concert goers, this area in Indiana was expected to receive an inch-and-a-half of rain on Friday alone. It’s because of turbulent weather conditions like these that convention centers and indoor sports arenas exist.

In Palm Springs, California, event planners might have reason to rejoice: a proposed $300 million sports and wellness complex is in the works. This venue is expected to hold nearly 12,000 seats cooled by air conditioning.

Air conditioning is a necessity in the trying months of summer, especially in formidably hot locations like the desert. Even though summer is a time for outdoor fun, hot weather and detrimental thunderstorms can cause damage to your health and your home. An estimated 40% of home and vehicle losses have been attributed to hail and windstorms over the last five years alone. Instead of threatening your guests with an outdoor excursion, sometimes it’s worth it to stay inside.

If the weather continues down this fickle path, many of your summer plans might require a last-minute postponement or worse. Instead of throwing the usual outdoor summer bash, think about keeping your guests cool indoors.

If you’re throwing a barbecue event at your home, consider choosing a fun, themed event to get your guests in the party mood. If you can’t think of a theme, you only need three central colors to create a cohesive event. When you’re decorating with napkins, tablecloths, and balloons, stick to those colors for a streamlined, stylish look. Trying to find food that matches will also put your party planning on the next level.

If you don’t want to throw an indoor bash, try taking your party out on the town. Plenty of lodges, resorts, and even museums offer group events or discounts. One aquarium in Atlanta even offers houses 100,000 animals and fish to learn about.

Though you may feel pressured to enjoy the summer sun, finding alternative indoor activities may be a necessity. Try these tips for when your outdoor concert gets rained out.