The family room is a place where you can all come together to spend time and relax. The bigger your family, the more difficult it is to decorate and arrange a room that works for you all. This is why I’ve put together some tips on how you can create the perfect, or at least close to perfect for your particular family, family room. 


This is your family room so go ahead and celebrate the fact that you are a family. Consider adding a wall of pictures or even a few random frames to remind each other of all the fun times that you’ve had together. Once your kids have grown older and have developed inconvenient minds of their own, you’ll love being able to look back on photos of them when they were younger, cuter and compliant. 

A Play Area

Even if you don’t really have a lot of space in your family room, you should consider allocating some of it to a play area if you have young kids. This way, they know where they can create chaos and not have to worry about being told to reign it in, and you can keep their toys organized into this one space. If you want, you can add a small desk and some chairs where your kids can sit and colour in or play when you are wanting to watch TV.

Fine Art

If you want to add some style to your room but want to keep it out of the way from your kids, then you should consider hanging some beautiful art on the walls. Fine Art America has a vast selection of art for you to browse and you are sure to find something that will match the décor in your family room from their website. To add a personal touch to your family room, you can also use this site to create your own art and get it printed so make sure to see if this could work for you.

Durable Furniture

Sick of your nice new furniture getting ruined by your energetic kids or pets? You need to invest in some durable furniture for your family room. As much as you tell your kids not to bounce on the sofa, they are likely to continue to do it when you’re not around, so you need to be able to compromise style when it comes to your family room. Think about sofas that are made from leather as these are often quite hard wearing.

Final Thoughts

Creating the perfect family room is not an easy task. Make sure to take everything as a learning experience and work around the needs of your family as time goes on and you need to adapt the room. Every family is different so there is no set design that works best every time. To get started, follow our simple tips and you should have the beginnings of your family room in no time!


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