We spend our lives surrounded by chemicals. On our food, in most of the products we purchase and in the air we breathe. The idea of going organic and living a life that is more natural and using non-toxic products is always an appealing one, but it’s not always a viable option. Whether this is because organic produce can be out of financial reach for your budget or the fact that trying to change the lifestyle of your entire family is overwhelming, it may not feel viable, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take some steps towards your goal.

Getting on the path to living a more natural family life does take time and research, so begin with this in mind. You don’t have to change every aspect of your lifestyle straight away. You have the time to gradually move things over to your new lifestyle piece by piece. If you start to feel dispirited because things are not changing fast enough for you look at the bigger picture. The more ethically and naturally that you live, the better quality of life you are giving your children and the broader social economic and environmental world around us. Here are three ways that you can get started on the road to living a less polluted life.

Cosmetics & Cleaning Products

There are many reasons why people choose the cleaning products and cosmetics they do. For some things, it may be the recommendation from family and friends or a review you have seen online. You might be using the same laundry products you were bought up with, or it might be that, like me, you chop and change according to what’s on sale.

The trouble with doing this is that we are introducing multiple chemicals into our homes when we do not know what the long-term effects of exposure to these chemicals might be. There are many alternatives on the store shelves that will not be polluting your home, and there are also plenty of ways to clean with a few basic items already in your house. Just try typing “homemade laundry detergent” or “Homemade natural cleaner” into Google, and you will find thousands of alternatives you can whip up yourself.

As far a cosmetics go those big brands that you love may make your skin look flawless and your eyes look huge but have you seen the parabens and phthalates in the ingredients? Anything that you put onto your body from the shampoo for your hair to the scrub for your feet should be checked and gently switched to brands that do not contain these substances.

Clothes & Shoes

Natural fiber clothing and organic cotton are the best things that you can put against your skin. You could also look at Glerups.com for your socks and shoes, as they use organic raw materials and natural rubber for the soles. While you’re switching your clothes, think about how you wash them and choose more natural laundry products to clean stains.

This does not have to be a case of throwing away and replacing all of your clothes and linens at once. Instead try to source more natural, less polluted alternatives when you are naturally ready to replace items.

Organic Produce & Meat

It’s an expensive option in the stores, but it’s the best option for you and your family. Doing whatever you can to avoid even the smallest amount of pesticide residue is going to go a long way to help your family live a healthier lifestyle. It can be a bit much to go entirely organic in every way at first, as organic food is often, although not always, more expensive. Supporting local greengrocers and butchers as well as farms is a great way to give back to the local community along with giving your family the best.

The way that you choose to live your life will directly affect your health and wellbeing, and the health and welfare of your family. Living naturally can help you to maximize both of those things as much as possible. All of this can lead to a healthier way of living.