A garden is a part of your home that should be full of life; you won’t be doing it justice if it isn’t. Some people assume that just keeping the grass cut, and maybe the odd flower here and is enough, but we’re here to show you different. With the tips below, you can quickly bring life into your garden, and it’ll make it a beautiful place for you and your friends or family to hang out.


Wildlife is an exciting way to bring life to your garden. The more visits you receive from a variety of wildlife the better your garden will become. There is, of course, some wildlife you want to avoid if you don’t want your plants to be ruined. Slugs and parasites are the most obvious, but even they are suitable for your garden, in the right places.

If you want to encourage feathered friends, you need a bird feeder. They’re a cute little addition to your garden that adds a bit of character. You just need some bird seeds, or even some mealworms, that you can easily purchase from your local gardening store. A word of warning, don’t leave out human food because you think they’ll like the treat. Things such as pieces of bread and cakes can make birds really ill. Stick to the foods that are suited for them, and they’ll stay healthy and come back for more. Bird watching can indeed be therapeutic, and strangely enough, you’ll actually get to know them personally as they keep coming back.

Trees Of Life

Well, not literally a tree of life, but there’s plenty of trees to bring life to your garden. There are beautiful trees that you can put that be both pretty and practical. Apple trees can grow in most climates and are relatively simple to grow. You do need to make sure you give it time though. It takes time for a tree to be mature enough to fruit and when it does, if you pick them too early you’ll have a sour treat on your hands.

Flowering pear trees, despite their name, do not grow pears. But what they do bring is natural beauty that is hard to beat. Once blossomed, they produce the most amazing white flowers that will stun any of your guests. They need their space to grow but will bring you pleasure for years to come. If you’re looking for something a tad on the smaller side, a dwarf Korean lilac tree will do just fine.

Honey For The Bees

Bees are the best thing you can bring into your garden. They’re great for your plants, and your plants help them feed their hive. One of the best plants for attracting bees is lavender. Not only will it smell great, but it’ll bring the wildlife flocking to you. When the lavender is ready, you can peel it off and dry it out. Put it into little hanging bags to put in your room and it’ll aid you with sleep.