High energy bills getting you down? Well, it’s time to fight back and change the situation and have your power bills going down and not your bank balance. 

Here are some simple ways to cut the cost of keeping your lights on and your gadgets going:

Have A Home Energy Audit

A lot of energy companies offer home energy audits to their customers, and since this is usually a completely free service, it’s well worth booking your home in for one. The auditor will take a look at your home, identifying areas where you could cut your consumption, so it could save you some serious dollars.

If there aren’t any free energy audits being offered in your area, by your power company, at this time, then you could try doing your own. It’s not that difficult, but it could make a huge difference to your bill at the end of the day.

It’s Good To Be Dim

Installing dimmer switches throughout your home is a great way to save energy (and money) because you need never use more light than you actually need to do whatever it is you’re doing.

On the subject of lighting, switching from incandescent to LED bulbs is another way to make big savings.

Fill Up the Fridge and Freezer

What’s having a fully stocked freezer got to do with power bills? Quite a lot actually. You see, the fuller the fridge or freezer is, the better insulated (by the food) it will be, which means that the fridge won’t need to expend quite so much energy keeping stuff cool. It’ll also mean you won’t have to go shopping as often, as long as you don’t have two supersized grown sons to constantly empty your kitchen like we do.

Sign Up for Solar Panels

Solar on my home? They’re expensive, aren’t they? Not to mention a pain to install, right? Wrong, solar panels have never been more affordable or easier to have installed on your property, and although you’ll have to pay for them, they will start working for you, cutting your power bills and practically paying for themselves in less time than you might imagine possible.

Get a Ceiling Fan

If you don’t already have a ceiling fan, get one now. You might think this is strange advice since you’re trying to cut the cost of power in your home, but that’s exactly what having a fan will do. You see, ceiling fans help the air in your home to circulate more evenly, which lightens your heating system or air conditioner’s load (if you have one).

Get Rid of the Red Dots

If you and your family always leave your appliances on standby instead of unplugging them off at the socket, you could be adding hundreds of dollars to your power bill every year. It just takes a little more effort to take your power bill down! If you know that you’ll forget or that lazy family member (you know who you are) won’t bother, then invest in a timer switch, that will turn everything off once you go to bed.

Power bill, you’re going down.



  1. Thanks for all the tips on lowering the power bill. Mine is not so bad in the colder months, but it is outrageous in summer. I did not know about his keeping your freezer and refrigerator stocked lowers the power used.