They say that your home is a castle, a haven, a little plot of land that you own. But is your house all that it could be? Perhaps, perhaps not. Maybe you need to make some improvements to ensure that it is your dream place to live. If you have the cash, the imagination and the determination you can make your home whatever you want it to be. Sit back as we look at some of the best changes you can make to your home that are completely out of this world.

Take A Dip

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Maybe you dream of coming home and taking a dip in the pool. It’s a lovely idea, isn’t it? Just sinking through that aqua blue water after a long day in the office. If you’re wondering whether that possibility could become a reality the answer is yes. You really can build and install a brand new swimming pool in your home. There are plenty of choices here. If you want it for summer use. It’s possible to get a wooden swimming pool that sits on top of your garden and is deep enough and long enough for a good swim. That’s going to cost you at least a grand.

If you have a little more in the budget, you can be a tad more daring. Instead, you can use swimming pool builders to install a proper ground pool in your backyard. If you’re worried about the temperature, fear not because you can get a heater for your pool that will keep it warm, even as the seasons change. You’re probably looking at paying between five and ten grand for your pool but don’t forget; it will add massive value to your home.

Go Smart

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Alternatively, you can think about increasing the intelligence of your home. Yes, we are of course talking about the smart home. You might know someone who has some variation of this tech setup. For instance, the Amazon Alexa is one of the most popular examples of budget smart home technology. But that is just one possibility. You can actually get one that is entirely built on your property if you’re willing to pay the money. The most advanced systems can change the home based on your personal preferences without any interaction from you.

One of the ways this can work is with smart bands. When you walk into a room wearing your smart band it has all the information for your preferences. So, immediately the temperature drops to your preferred setting, perhaps your favourite song begins to play or maybe, the lights dim when you usually decide to switch everything off and head to bed. How cool is that? The tech that we’re talking about isn’t as expensive as most people usually assume.

Walk-In Wardrobes

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Or finally, let’s talk about the dream home modification of every girl, the walk-in wardrobe. This will give you a place to get changed in your room and pick out your clothes that are on full display. You can even use motor systems and lighting to make it the perfect place for keeping your belongings. A couple of hundred to a thousand will give you more than enough for this type of redesign.



  1. I love all of these ideas. I like a neat and organized closet and I would love a beautiful pool in my back yard. Thank you for sharing ‘I want to win’