Everybody likes to be welcoming when they’ve got guests. Giving them a great hotel experience while they’re staying with you makes all the difference, which is fine if you’ve got a nice big spare room to put them in. When you’ve got a tiny room that looks like it could have been a cupboard as your spare room, it gets a little trickier to give people a luxury experience. Without the space to keep a nice bed and some other furniture, you might think it impossible to make guests comfortable. It’s hard, but it isn’t impossible. This handy list should help you to create a five-star hotel experience for your guests in your tiny spare room.

Get An Air Mattress

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We’ve all got a bad memory of trying to sleep on an air mattress. The uncomfortable rubber, waking up in the middle of the night on a deflated bed, but the technology has come a long way. There are plenty of great airbeds on the market that are actually pleasant on which to sleep. Visit ChooseMattress to find a brilliant list of all of the best ones that are available. The benefit of having an air mattress is that you can put it down and pack it away when you haven’t got guests sleeping on it. When space is a valuable commodity in the room, and you can only just fit a bed in there, having a permanent one installed limits the use of the room. If you’re wanting to use it for other things when you haven’t got guests, you need an air mattress that you can easily take out.

Get A Smaller Bed

Some of you will still be against air mattresses, but you have to make some compromises when it comes to a tiny guest room. Putting a full sized double in there will take up virtually all of the space, and you won’t get anything else in. A bed in an otherwise empty room isn’t exactly luxury, is it? If you want to get some bedside tables in at least, you’ll have to downsize the bed. Don’t go for a single; you’ll only get one person in there which isn’t all that useful. What you can do though, is get a three-quarter sized bed which is still big enough for two but gives you a few extra inches of space each side. You’d be surprised how much difference it makes to the room. When you’re placing your bed, you either want it right against the wall, so it opens up the rest of the room, or leave space either side to make aisles, but only if they’re going to be wide enough. There’s nothing more frustrating for your guests than having to clamber over the bed to get to the other side of the room.

Clever Storage

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You aren’t going to have space for a big wardrobe once you’ve got the bed and a couple of tables in so you need to be sneaky about your storage. Using furniture that doubles up as storage is the simplest way to get the space you need. A bed with drawers underneath gives you a huge amount of extra storage space without taking up any more of the room at all. Putting up shelves to make use of the space on the walls is a good idea as well. The main thing to remember is that you don’t need as much storage in there as you’ve got in your own room. People are only going to be staying for short periods, so you don’t need to provide enough space for them to store all of their clothes.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

Filling the room with clutter is the easiest way to bring attention to the fact that it’s small. In the rest of the house, it’s fine to use lots of decorative items, but in a tiny spare room, you haven’t got the space. Get rid of anything that your guests won’t actually use during their stay. If you’re desperate to inject a bit more personality into the room, do it with unusual color schemes and maybe a feature wall, don’t fill the room with lots of odds and ends.


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Even if you can’t provide your visitors with a massive guest suite, you can at least make it look that way with some smart mirror placement. Putting a mirror in a place that captures the natural light and disperses it around the room makes it so much brighter and gives the appearance that the room is far larger than it actually is. Stepping into a bright, airy room gives a great first impression to your guests.

Don’t worry if you’ve got a tiny guest room, you can still impress visitors and make their stay luxurious.


  1. Clever ideas. I have never had the space for a dedicated guest room. My kids room is the guest room, lol. I want to win!