How To Improve Your Child’s Handwriting Infographic

How To Improve Your Child’s Handwriting Infographic

Uni-ball has put together these 5 top tips to help improve your child’s handwriting. Handwriting is key for your child’s development and research by the Institute of Education suggests that being taught to write well whilst at primary school may influence your child’s performance at secondary school and into university.

Remember that even though we live in a digital age, handwriting is still an essential skill. By following these top 5 tips to improve handwriting, your child will be writing legibly and beautifully in next to no time!

Tip one: the right environment for writing

Ensuring that your child has the right environment to write in is very important when trying to improve handwriting. By getting your child to sit at a table or desk to write and not on the floor you will help them to assume the correct writing position. You will also encourage your child to have good posture which will help with stability and comfort.

Tip two: a good grip

Helping your child to develop a good and correct grip on a pen or pencil will make handwriting more comfortable and easier. Let the pen or pencil rest near the base of the thumb and hold in place with the thumb, index and middle fingers.

Tip three: the correct paper

By using school-style, lined paper you will help your child to write using letters which are the correct size and in proportion.

Tip four: slow down

By writing more slowly your child will have more control over where they stop and start their letters. They will also be less likely to make mistakes.

Tip five: make writing fun

Improving handwriting doesn’t have to be boring. Try playing games or drawing pictures as well as words. This will help to improve control and fine motor skills.