“This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Doctor on Demand. All opinions are my own.”

Every parent knows that feeling of dread when you’re away from home, enjoying a family vacation and your little one comes running towards you in tears because they’ve fallen in poison ivy or been stung by an insect. Summer is full of minor mishaps and medical needs, but you don’t want to spend your time searching for an MD, herding all the children to the Dr’s office and sitting among sick people & their germs – but who else can help? Doctor on Demand that’s who!

Available on the web, on Apple and Android, Dr on Demand provides you with a face to face video consultation with a board certified physician, pediatrician, psychologist or lactation consultant. Their doctors can give advice & write prescriptions, it only costs $40 per ‘visit, ‘ and they accept HSA & FSA.  No sign up or subscription necessary, and you can see a doctor from the comfort of your home at almost any time of the day or night.

Of course, not all illnesses are suitable for a Dr on Demand visit (On-going chronic conditions, complex medical issues) but 18 out of the 20 most common ailments treated at the Dr’s office are prime reasons for a Dr on Demand visit, for instance – the 10 Perils of summer!


 10 Perils of summer

  1. Bee Sting – Ouch! Bees, wasps, hornets and other stinging bugs are sometimes unavoidable.
  2. Sunburn  – Protect your skin from the sun, and avoid the most severe UV rays between 10am-4pm.
  3. Concussions – A concussion can result from a blow to the body or head, such as a fall from a swing set.
  4. Poison Oak & Ivy – In the woods everything is green and leafy and… Poisonous? Some plants really make you itch.
  5. Jellyfish – They’re not really fish, and they don’t attack. But their tentacles pack a painful and potent venom.
  6. Tick bites – Lyme disease and other complications can arise from a nasty little tick bite. Ask a doctor.
  7. Sunstroke – Kids and seniors are at higher risk for heat exhaustion and sunstroke. Be aware.
  8. Sports Injuries – After a long winter, we’re in a rush to get outdoors. Sometimes leading to a trip and fall.
  9. Burns – Accidents can happen when we’re around campfires or BBQ grills. Get treatment right away.
  10. Kids bumps and bruises – Sometimes it’s a minor scrape, but it may be a more serious bruise.

What did we think of Dr on Demand?

First of all, I really appreciated being able to ‘visit’ a Dr without having to get five kids clean, dressed & headed out of the door at once! Having to do that ‘s hard at the best of times, but when you are feeling ill yourself, it’s a huge hurdle. Secondly, being able to open up the laptop and see someone in minutes was fantastic – no waiting in a stuffy waiting room then waiting again in the exam room – my consultation was done within 20 mins of me deciding to visit.

The Dr. I saw was friendly and helpful. She took the time to listen carefully and asked relevant questions – I didn’t feel like I was wasting anyone’s time. She was professional throughout and took the time to explain the treatment plan to me – checking that I was comfortable with the plan and was able to have the prescription she sent to our local pharmacy picked up.

Once you have seen a Dr you can put them on your favorite Dr list and contact them directly when they are on shift, so you do get the opportunity to build a relationship with the same MD.

I would certainly recommend Dr on Demand. No waiting times, quality care & friendly faces all in the comfort of your own home at almost anytime. What’s not to like?




  1. I already use something like this, my doctor uses an app like this and its amazing.

    so much better then office visits.