Souris Mini is not your average children’s clothing retailer. Their unique designs and excellent quality make the clothes feel like expensive designer wear, scaled down to fit your under 10’s – but they don’t have the expensive designer price-tag.

Our 7-year-old daughter, Evey, was excited to discover she could choose some clothes from their website ( but it took us a whole two days to whittle down her list of ‘must-haves’ to one outfit- and when you see all of the fabulous items Souris Mini have you’ll understand why. For instance –
Souris Mini 6 Souris Mini 7Not to mention the Holidays Collections!

Souris Mini 1 Souris Mini 2And their fabulous outdoor wear & Snow-suits

Souris Mini 3Souris Mini 4

In the end, she chose a printed long sleeve T-shirt, Corduroy skirt, and matching tights, with a pair of knitted leggings & a plush Bolero all from the “Dance Under the Stars” Collection.

They were here in British Columbia, from Québec, in 2 days and she couldn’t wait to open the package. All of the clothes were very carefully packaged and arrived in excellent condition – not always a given when ordering clothes cross country. Evey whisked them away to try on and then came out to pose for some photos, first the full outfit, then without the bolero & with the leggings & skirt and finally with just the leggings & T-Shirt. As you may be able to tell, she was euphoric!

Evey 4

These are a few pictures of Evey doing her happy dance and as you can see the clothes from Souris Mini are very practical as well as great to look at. They moved well with her, felt comfortable to her and allowed her to play actively.
Evey 2Evey 1 Evey 3

Once I had finally persuaded her to take them off again, I put them through a couple of wash cycles to see how they fared and so far, they have come out each time looking like new.

Now we know where Evey will be choosing her clothes from for the foreseeable future – I just wish they made the same clothes in adult sizes, I would love some of them myself! Oh well, I’ll just have to stick with dressing up Evey & Gabriel & I know they won’t mind that at all.

The Fall / Winter Collection


The Snowsuit & outdoor accessories collection


About Souris Mini

At the end of the eighties Annie Bellavance, a Québecois impassioned by fashion and interior design, decided to create a unique children’s clothing line inspired by her culture, her three daughters and the stories she told them. Founded in Quebec City in 1989, Souris Mini creates colorful, bold and creative collections for children ages 0 to 10.

Its collections range from newborn clothing to snowsuits for all ages, swimsuits to bags, PJ’s  to coats and much much more. Each season, the team from Souris Mini design and produce amazing kids clothes that are original, lasting and ultra-comfortable.

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  1. I love all the clothing, so cute and adorable. Those hats and mittens would be perfect right now.