Pretty Flower Headband


This is a simple, no glue, minimum materials craft that, as you can see, also creates big smiles!


  • 1 Long green pipe cleaner
  • 3 Orange pipe cleaners (or another color of your choice)
  • 1 Plastic headband

Method (Top to bottom in the collage below)

  1. Cut three colored pipe cleaners in half and twist them into circles
  2. Flatten the circles (this does not have to be neat or precise)
  3. Take the green pipe cleaner and wrap it around the center of the bundle of colored pipe cleaners
  4. Bend the colored pipe cleaners up-wards, opening up the loops & arrange like petals
  5. Wrap the long end of the green pipe cleaner around a plastic headband & voila a pretty flower headband and a pretty smile!

PicMonkey Collage


  1. Hey this might be the trick to getting my girl to wear a head band! She’s got a lot of hair, that I don’t want to cut, yet she doesn’t like any one trying to brush it, put it up, or even wear anything to keep it out of her face.
    If she made her own headband, she might like that enough to wear…..

  2. This is an adorable headband that is easy to make and I need to make one of these for my niece. She would love having one of these!

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