Did you know that I was British by birth but became Canadian by choice? It is a glorious place to live and not only that, Canada and my fellow Canadians have blessed the world with many amazing things. However, when you think about inventions and landmarks, it seems that not many of the first ones to spring to mind come from Canada.

The cool thing is that Canada actually gave the world some significant and impressive items that each of us have heard of, and possibly use every day.

Intrigued? You should be.

If you are looking for a few fun facts about what Canada gave to the world, you came to the right place.

5 Things You Didn’t Know Canada Gave To The World

  • Peanut Butter: Not a moment of the day goes by where someone, somewhere isn’t eating up some of that delicious peanut butter. It’s literally everywhere and goes with almost any type of food. It’s been around since the late 1800’s, and our eldest son could possibly quite happily live on peanut butter on toast given half a chance.
  • The Pacemaker: Talk about an invention that truly saves lives. Think of how many lives have been changed thanks to the design of the pacemaker. It’s truly one of those inventions that helped to pave the way for medical advances.
  • Trivial Pursuit: While this may be one of the most fought over board games ever, in our house at least, it’s also one of the most fun as well. Admit it, it’s one of those games that can be pretty intimidating, depending on who you are playing with, but once you get going, it’s an absolute blast for everyone involved. Choose your teammates wisely when it comes to partnering up because you’ll want to work with someone who is stronger in specific categories than you are for sure.
  • Instant Replay: Calling all you sports lovers out there. Thanks to this idea and invention from a fellow Canadian, there are no questions that can’t be answered with it comes to sports and play-calling. Just think about the last time that you watched a sporting game on TV, how many replays did you see during that time? More than likely, you saw an Instant Replay every couple of minutes, depending on the overall pace of the game. It makes it super simple never to feel like you missed out on a stellar play or also to help in reviewing those close calls that were maybe called a little incorrectly in the first place and they are finally using it in the World Cup this time around. About time.
  • Basketball: Along with the instant replay, Canada also invented and shared the idea of basketball with the world. Talk about a pretty colossal idea turned even bigger, right? While the concept when created was vastly different than our version of basketball today, the love of the game for many remains the same. The next time you pick up that basketball to start playing a game of horse, remember to say a quiet thanks to Canada for introducing this game for the rest of the world to love and enjoy.

Who knew that so many amazing and useful things came from Canada?

These are just a few of the remarkable things that Canada has given the world, but there are still a ton more out there to learn about and discover. Give a colossal shout-out “thank you” to Canada for gifting us all with some of the coolest inventions out there!


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