We spend a lot of our time in our homes, which is probably why many often feel inclined to make some changes to the space. Whether you live in a small two-bed apartment or a four-bed townhouse, there’s plenty of change that can be made to your home decor both on a shoestring budget and for those who have some money to spend.

Home decor is always a fun activity for those with a creative mind and who take pride in their home. If you’re looking to make a few tweaks and changes to your home this year, then you’ve landed on the right page. This guide will share ten home decor updates worth making to your home in 2023. 

With these tips, you can do a little transformation or a big one, depending on what budget is available. Let’s dive in and start your home decor journey this year.

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  1. Replace any worn or tired flooring in the kitchen.

Flooring receives a lot of footfall – go figure it’s flooring after all. One of the most heavily trafficked areas in the home is the kitchen. Along with the spillages and dropping all manner of cutlery and crockery on the floor by accident over the years, the damage is likely to happen.

If that sounds like your kitchen flooring, then perhaps it’s time for a little change. A little transformation in the form of new flooring. When it comes to your kitchen space, it’s important to choose the right materials, especially as the kitchen space is so heavily used on a day-to-day basis.

With that being said, it might be worth using concrete polishing. This is a great way to help provide your floor with a fresh, clean look. Not only that but concrete is an extremely sturdy material to apply to flooring and is worthwhile for those who have a lot of heavy-footed and clumsy household members.

  1. Add in a rainfall shower head for an at-home spa in your bathroom.

When it comes to home decor updates around the home, there’s no better space to focus on than your bathroom. The bathroom space is great for transforming into an at-home spa. What’s better than having a space on your property that you can go in and feel immediately zen?

As part of your at-home spa bathroom, it’s worth changing out your shower head if you’ve got a basic round one. Why not add in a rainfall showerhead? This is a great option for those who want to take a shower in the morning and feel as though they’re standing under a waterfall in a tropical jungle.

While it might only be your bathroom, in reality, a rainfall shower head is an all-encompassing shower experience that you won’t regret investing in. It’s not even a huge expense for the satisfying pleasure it offers.

  1. Give your walls a fresh lick of paint to cover bumps and scuffs.

After a while, even the newest home builds can start to fill a bit worn and tired. Your walls are one of those that suffer, especially in areas where plenty of scuff and bumps are made. Take your porch or hallway to your front door. You could probably find an abundance of scuffs on the wall that has been caused by mucky hands and feet.

If you have a dog, then you’ll be all too familiar with the regular mud splatter against your walls. To help give your home that much-needed makeover, it’s well worth giving your walls a fresh lick of paint. This will help cover any of those scuffs with ease. Make sure you clean the walls first to remove any scuffs that can be wiped off. Wait until it dries before starting your first coat of paint.

You may want to apply a couple of layers in order to do a thorough job but when you’re finished, you’ll really notice the difference it makes. 

  1. Rearrange furniture to maximize space.

Did you know that rearranging furniture is a free activity that could do some incredible things to your space? If you’ve not tried, then you must give it a go this year. If you’re limited to a budget then this is a great option for home decor updating without having to spend any money doing it.

Start with one room at a time or focus on a room that you’ve always wondered about looking different. Start moving the big pieces of furniture first if possible and if not, just shift around the furniture that you can move.

You should see a notable difference in the space, especially if you’ve found that any furniture you own could be thrown out due to not being needed anymore. Make sure you get additional help for the furniture that’s heavy so that you’re not damaging your back!

  1. Invest in a hot water tap for the kitchen.

Coming back to the kitchen, there are plenty of home decor updates to be found in this space. If you’re someone who does a lot of cooking and loves hot beverages, then it’s worth considering a hot water tap for your kitchen or utility area.

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There are some great benefits that come with a hot water tap. First and foremost, you get instant hot water and you can also get the exact amount of hot water needed without needing to waste any.

They’re a more expensive indulgence to make to your kitchen area but if it’s something that you feel you’d get a lot out of every day, then it’s definitely worth buying. There are lots of different options that come with a variety of features, so it’s worth making some comparisons to find the right one for your kitchen area.

  1. Change up your soft furnishings for a new vibe.

When it comes to soft furnishings, it’s easy enough to switch up the style and decor as you see fit. That’s why it’s useful to keep your walls and flooring plain. You can make use of your cushions, throws, and other furnishings when it comes to color, texture, design, and style.

If you’re feeling a little bored with the space, there’s nothing better than changing up your soft furnishings for a new vibe. You may have had the same throws and cushion covers on for the past three years. Perhaps it’s time for a new set of cushion covers to switch up the feel of the space.

For more dramatic transformations, looking at getting some new curtains or blinds for the windows.

  1. Throw out any old furniture that’s seen better days.

While it may feel nostalgic to look at, some furniture has likely seen better days and is falling apart. No amount of hot glue or DIY work will help revive this clutter and it’s important to try and separate emotion by throwing it out.

Old furniture that’s just lying around the home is likely causing a lot of hassle and fuss within the space. You could use that space for something new and sparkly. With that being said, throw out any old furniture that’s seen better days and belongings in the scrap.

  1. Remove and replace window putty on any windows.

Over time, your windows will shift ever so slightly which means the window putty that kept your windows sealed, has now come apart. Some window putty can simply break away over time and leave a lot of drafts to come through the gaps.

With that being said, a bit of DIY work that’s related to home decor is to remove the existing window putty and apply a fresh new layer. This will help seal the window properly and prevent any leaking of air or more importantly, the creation of mold. 

  1. Add LED lights and strip lights to add ambiance to your rooms.

LED lights and strip lights are great for creating a cool ambiance in the space you’re in. For example, in your kitchen, you could place LED strip lights underneath your kitchen cabinets to provide a bit of extra light.

For the hallways, you could put some LED lights that run along the bottom of the wall to create a beautiful lit space during the evening.

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LED lights are very pretty and come in all sorts of colors and styles. Make sure to opt for warm lights as this will add to the coziness that you might be trying to achieve.

  1. Introduce some new artwork to your walls.

If you’re looking to make some updates to your space, then it’s definitely worth adding some new artwork to your walls. Artwork is a great expression of self and as a household, there are probably a number of artwork pieces you could add to the space.

Struggling with artwork? Why not simply add some of your favorite photographs instead? Simply frame them and stick them up on the wall. It adds a bit of personality and life to your home!

These home decor updates should help you transform your home into a new and fresh space to enjoy.