For some men, the phrase “dress socks” evokes the mental image of their single pair of some black cotton socks which are pulled out of the back of the closet, with their one suit when a special occasion dictates it. Other men may wear dress sock all of the time but are limited in their choices of both quality and design.

The folks at Southern Scholar consider this to be unfair and that just because you wear dress socks does not mean you have to forgo quality, individuality, and style. They have created a sock which is made to stay in place throughout the workday while adding an understated flair of personality to your look. You will not find any garish colors or pop culture references on their products, just sophisticated styling that raises you above the crowd in a good way.


Laundering Instructions are included and the socks can be easily washed, the right way out, with like colors on a cold cycle so they are easy to care for. They can also be air or tumble dried.

We were sent a pair of Southern Scholar socks to review and they arrived in a high quality, sturdy shipping box, inside of which was the Southern Scholar box itself.

Once they were photographed and out of the box, I gave them over to our middle son. J is the kind of annoying person who can wear anything and look effortlessly stylish. His nickname at home is GQ, he has more clothes, shoes, and grooming products than his father and I combined and we are seriously considering purchasing him a shoe rack for Christmas.

Of course, this may have been a mistake on my part, perhaps I should have given the socks to one of the more sartorially challenged members of the family, but that would be like receiving an Aston Martin and gifting it to the child who cannot drive.

The socks felt good against the skin and J assures me there was no annoying slippage during his day. They have been washed and dried several times and have maintained their shape, feel and ability to stay up. J has requested more socks from Southern Scholar so was have found a much better gift the originally planned shoe rack!

Would We Recommend Southern Scholar?

I would recommend Southern Scholar twice over. First for the person who wears dress socks and has a personality to express while remaining understated and stylish. Second, for anyone who has a person of style in their life, Southern Scholar is not only a thoughtful gift but it is a gift of individuality and taste.

Where To Buy Southern Scholar

You can purchase Southern Scholar socks on a month to month basis for $15 per month. If you would like to prepay you can purchase six months for $90 or one year for $165.

If you cannot wait to build up your premium dress sock drawer you can buy three, six, or twelve packs each of which has the excellent products you receive each month at an incredible discount.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I agree with Linda, I love that you can wash these and they are sturdy. Must check these out.