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One of the things I find most surprising about many of my fellow Canadians is the number of them traveling to the States without taking out travel insurance. Many of our friends make an excuse “We’re just going down to do a bit of shopping for the day, it’s not worth it.” Well, personal experience tells me it is worth it, and a few dollars spent on insurance can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical bills – even for a relatively minor medical incident.

Our experience happened when we still lived in England and had come over to Vancouver on holiday. To cut a long story short, our five-year-old ended up in the hospital, and without travel insurance, we would have been faced with a bill of over $300,000 as well as losing all of the money on the rest of our travel plans. Luckily we were covered for everything which is why I was happy to share this message from Allianz Travel Insurance.

Allianz Global Insurance is a leading travel insurance company that provides the traveler with financial protection and 24/7 travel assistance and believe me when something unexpected happens to you or a family member while you are on holiday you’ll be glad to have the support of someone at the end of the telephone line.

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You have no excuse not to purchase insurance because Allianz Travel Insurance can be purchased through many leading travel agents, most US airlines, online travel agencies (OTAs) and other well-known travel suppliers, and online at 

Travel insurance provides coverage for pre-paid, non-refundable trip expenses (up to the limits of the policy) should a trip be canceled or interrupted for a reason covered by the customer’s insurance policy, and it protects a policy holder’s health in case of medical emergencies. Benefits can include (policy limitations can apply):

    • Reimbursement of the non-refunded portion of travel investment if the trip is canceled or interrupted for a covered reason

    • 24-hour access to emergency medical referrals and travel assistance

    • Reimbursement for unexpected travel expenses

    • Protection in case of medical emergencies

    • Arrangement of and payment for Emergency Medical Transportation

As well as financial help your insurance can cover Travel Assistance Services. The following services provide real time support for travelers and provide a piece of mind from the moment travelers leave their home to begin the trip, to the moment of return home.

    • Destination Information
    • Travel Document Replacement Assistance
    • Lost Luggage Assistance
    • Emergency Cash Arrangement
    • Emergency Message Service
    • Emergency Legal Referral
    • Emergency Interpretation/Translation
    • Document Translation Assistance (In-house)
    • Document Translation Assistance (outsourced)
  • Allianz Global Assistance can help when travelers need:
    • Pre-authorized hospital admissions and guaranteed
      payments in a network totaling 2,817 hospitals in 160+ countries
    • 1,000+ hospitals in 40+ developed countries with AGA-negotiated rates
    • 1,760 hospitals rated in over 500 cities and 130
      developing countries that have been evaluated and assessed by our team of doctors
    • Our own Medical Team of doctors and Registered Nurses dedicated to ensuring the right care for your members
    • Administrative and medical correspondents worldwide to cover every location
  • Allianz Global Assistance is an advocate for travelers:
    • Facilitate emergency medical admissions
    • Expedite delivery of medical information
    • Confirm legitimacy of facility and appropriateness of care
    • Identify cultural differences in medical care
    • Dedicate an international team who manages and controls service providers
    • Commenced in 2003 targeting countries with inconsistent healthcare standards (mainly developing countries)
    • Medical management centrally coordinated by AGA
    • Medical facilities approved and rated by AGA physicians
      Standardized Evaluation criteria
    • Facilities evaluated every 18 months
    • Quality level ranked from 1 to 5 stethoscope

I cannot tell you how much these services help when you are in a foreign country, with an entirely different medical system in an emergency situation. Not only do you have the fear & worry of, in our case, your child being seriously ill, but you have no idea what is going on around you.

Also, each year since 2009, Allianz Travel Insurance has conducted its Vacation Confidence Index Survey. This year’s survey found that more Americans will travel, but plan to spend less on their trips in 2015. This year’s survey suggests that consumers are eager to save money on their summer travel and will be looking for trips that offer the best possible value, as well as opportunities to utilize the sharing economy to save money. You can read more about the Allianz Global Assistance Vacation Confidence Index here.

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Allianz Global Assistance is available to help its customers 24/7/365 To purchase a policy, visit or call 866-884-3556

You can find out more about travel insurance and obtain quotes from multiple companies by visiting  and checking out their guide to the best insurance for families, solo travelers and more.