In a surprising recent survey, Canada was ranked 34th out of 37 countries for work-life balance when it comes to juggling parenting and other commitments.  Hard working parents need hard working solutions to help free up their family time, so that it can be spent on the things that really matter. Deciding to create a beautiful low maintenance garden is a great example of making an initial investment in order to enjoy the benefits of a no-fuss, family friendly space for years to come.  By including artificial grass within these plans, you can save time and labor costs, and make a contribution to the environment too.

Free up your free time

With 68% of men and 54% of women working more than 45 hours per week according to one study, finding ways to save time at home is really important.  Nobody wants to spend their whole weekend on chores. Installing artificial grass means no more mowing the lawn at least, or watering the grass during hot weather.  It also means less mud being carried into the house in wetter weather, saving time and energy cleaning indoors too!  With this peace of mind, you can encourage the kids to go out and play whatever the weather, giving them fresh air, exercise and a chance to switch off from screens and the pressures of school work.

Going green

While many people think of the labor-saving advantages of artificial grass, not everyone knows how environmentally friendly it can be too.  Fake grass means you can use fewer pesticides or fertilizers, which is great for your garden’s eco-system. It also removes the need to water the grass, which means your family can play its part in helping to reduce water wastage.  Even with fake grass, you can still make sure that your garden remains a thriving natural habitat, with birdfeeders and lavender plants to attract wild birds and bees.  Encourage your kids to help you with these elements so that they can learn first-hand about the ecology in their own back yard. 

Putting artificial grass into your garden is a brilliant way to free up some free time.  You can reclaim your weekends or evenings from mowing or watering, and the environment benefits too.  Your kids will also get to enjoy the extra free time you have, and to play freely in the garden in all weathers.  Fake grass is a real win.


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