What’s Your Childs’ Learning Style?


Have you ever tried to figure out which learning style your child has? It can be hard to determine if your child’s learning style is hands-on, visual or auditory. No matter what learning style your child has developed it’s important to figure it out. When you know how your child learns best you can adapt your style to suit them. Read on to get help in figuring out which learning style your child exhibits.

There are three main types of learning styles. They can be narrowed down to “look” “hear” and “touch.” Sometimes a child is only able to learn through their specific learning style and have great difficulty understanding information if it is presented differently.

Look (Visual)

Visual learners must be able to look at something in order to get the concept and understand it. Visual learners may not learn best from only looking at the teacher directly when he or she is talking. Instead of someone just verbally explaining a concept, they might need to see the concept up close through a practical demonstration. Techniques that work best for a child with a visual learning style might be:

  • Videos
  • Demonstrations
  • Flashcards
  • Note taking

Touch (Tactile)

How many kids do you know that don’t understand a concept unless they can place their hands on it? Touch or tactile learning is one way your child might learn best. A child who learns best this way needs to be able to feel, touch, and do things. Tactile learners may need to learn in smaller blocks of time. Taking field trips, hands on classes like lab, and class projects may be a few ways to reach your child who’s a tactile learner.

Hear (Auditory)

All of us know at least one person who can sit in class and not have to take notes, but they ingest everything they’re being taught. An auditory learner often picks up concepts without needing to see or touch it. Someone who is able to learn through this auditory learning style can often learn while other things are going on in the background as well (can play music while studying). If you are trying to determine if your child is an auditory learner, they might enjoy reading out loud, loves to speak, very good at explaining concepts, and so on.

Have you been able to narrow down which learning style your child is yet? A child may have a specific learning style as they are younger and it develops into something else later. A child doesn’t necessarily have just one learning style: they might have one or two.

Which learning style are you and which one best describes your children?

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  1. I think homeschooling is better for all children. I think it is great that this is a choice that some parents make.

  2. My daughter is quite young still this is her first year at school but im going with visual learner like myself

  3. I really appreciate you sharing this. I am working with my young grandkids at this time and things have certainly changed since I raised my boys. This will really help me with them so they can learn the best way for them. Thank you so much

  4. We love the flexibility we have to change things up if they aren’t working. My youngest was really struggling with spelling until I figured out that he learns best when he can put his whole body into it. Spelling practice was done hopping stairs. Worked great!

  5. My son is tactile. It is so frustrating trying to find activities for him to go with our lessons as he gets older. But I know that this is what is best for him.

  6. For my oldest daughter it’s auditory but for my youngest it is tactile. They are so different. I love that as a homeschooler I can cater to both.

    • That’s one of the major drivers behind our decision to homeschool – the ability to teach each of our children in the style they learn best in.

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