As Christmas approaches railways around the world gear up to host their North Pole Express experiences. These trips are fabulous fun for adults and children alike but what if there isn’t an event near you, or there is but the price makes it out of the question for you? Well, now you can turn any journey into a North Pole Express Experience with our printable North Pole Express Kit.

Take a look at what the kit includes.

The design of the kit makes it suitable for any journey and any mode of transport. Going for a ride in the car? No problem. Riding the bus around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights? We’ve got you covered.


You could even use the kit to create a “walking train” trip if you want to.

You can print all or part of the nine-page kit, depending on your plans. Open up the PDF and you will find:

  • North Pole Express train tickets.
  • “The bell still rings for those who truly believe” jingle bell favor labels.
  • North Pole Express Signs to place in your windows, your wagons, or even on everyone’s back!
  • A Christmas Lights I Spy game
  • A checklist for your journey so you do not forget your sugar cookies, hot chocolate, and candy canes.

The beauty of the printable kit is that once you have downloaded it, you can print as many copies as you need so you can take three or thirty-three kids on your own version of a classic Christmas adventure.

As a bonus, it costs only the price of some sheets of paper and some printer ink so you don’t need to add it to your Christmas budget plan

How To Use Your North Pole Express Kit

Click on the download button above and save the kit to your computer. Then you can choose to print the entire kit, or just the pages you need. For easier reference the pages of the kit are:

  • Page 1 – The title page
  • Page 2 – A checklist to ensure nothing is forgotten when planning your experience.
  • Page 3 – Three North Pole Express Tickets
  • Page 4 – Favors title page
  • Page 5 – Four “The bell still rings for all who truly believe” labels to attach to your bell favors
  • Page 6 – Car signs title page
  • Pages 7 -8 – North Pole Express signs, one on each page.
  • Page 9 – Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt printable

Now, all you have to do is plan when to go and you and the kiddos can have your very own North Pole Express experience, wherever you live and however you travel.

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