Track Your Fruits & Vegetables- A Printable Checklist For Kids

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Earlier this week I wrote about ways to encourage your children to enjoy more fruits and vegetables, but I forgot one!

Just as potty training techniques include using a chart to track success, charts can be used to track how much fruit and veg you’re little ones are eating. If, like our kids, your children have very wide a competitive streak, having them track their consumption can be an excellent motivator. We just made sure that they weren’t competing against each other (no saying “Why can’t you be more like your brother? He eats his carrots”).

Once we had them eating several portions a day, we had them color in the chart, using pens that were the same colour as the fruit they ate. This was a great demonstration of how balanced their consumption was. Lots of green on Monday? – Try to add in some red & orange later in the week. Didn’t get all of your fruit and veg on Thursday? – That’s OK, sneak in some extra on Saturday – maybe make a great fruit smoothie.

As with anything flexibility and positivity are the keys. Celebrate successes and learn from a lack of success then move on.

With this in mind, here is a fillable list for your kids (and you if you want to set a great example) to track their fruit and vegetables on. There is a space to note any special items you might want to try this week and some tips on how to sneak a quick few handfuls in during the day.

Enjoy – and let me know how you get on. I love to hear from my readers and can’t wait to hear your experiences!

Fruit and veg chart

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