The Singalong Book Club #Review


Singalong Book Club is an excellent new book club for little ones and their caregivers. Aimed predominantly at preschoolers the Singalong Book Club is also ideal for children in kindergarten and those with special needs.

As my regular readers know, our son Gabriel has autism, and his speech is very limited. His therapists and Speech & Language Pathologists are always suggesting books that have lots of repetition and a simple, regular rhythm to them. The Singalong we received was perfect for this! We opened up our parcel to find a copy of “We all go Travelling By” and Gabe, as is his habit, had to look through the whole book first before we were able to read it. The simple story, which built on repetition, really appealed to him and he wanted to read it again and again.

SingAlong Book Club

Each sing-along has a personal message printed on the inside of the back cover – making it that extra bit special and the perfect gift. I can just imagine how happy Gabe would be if he received this from his Nan & Grandad. They would be able to share the book & song via Skype, and it would act as the perfect medium for family sharing across the miles

For $18.99 a month (shipping & taxes included) you and your little one will receive a beautifully packaged 24-page  book to share as well as a CD to watch & listen to together.

I would certainly recommend Singalong Book Club for everyone with a child under 7 and can’t wait to discover the next book.

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