The Popples – A new original series for kids from Netflix #StreamTeam

    Netflix popples

    Do you remember the Popples? That quirky Saturday morning TV show in the late 1980’s that had teddies and rabbits that turned into furry balls? You do? Well, this announcement is just for you!

    Saban Brands and Netflix have announced a POP-tastic original kids series, Popples, exclusively for Netflix worldwide. This new playful animated series will re-imagine the nostalgic adorable species of brightly coloured creatures that transform from fluffy balls to furry friends and back again while keeping the same silly spirit of the original Popples characters that fans know and love.

    Originally introduced in 1985, Popples made their debut with a successful toy line followed by what became a top-rated Saturday morning television show. Netflix will transport viewers into the colourful world of Popplopolis with 26 half-hour episodes, beginning in late 2015.

    “We look forward to debuting this new Popples series to children around the world,” said Haim Saban, Chairman and CEO of Saban Capital Group and founder of Saban Brands. “Netflix continues to be a great strategic partner, delivering compelling content that kids can enjoy anywhere and everywhere. With the global reach of Netflix, we know Popples will reach a whole new generation of kids that will love it as much as their parents.”

    Each episode’s fantastical adventure will be driven by the wacky and comedic enthusiasm of the lovable Best Popple Pals (BPP’s): Bubbles, Sunny, Lulu, Izzy and Yikes. Always wanting to help their friends, neighbours and each other, the BPP’s optimistic intentions typically backfire in hilarious ways, leading them to find new and crazy ways to unwind the mayhem they’ve caused. Luckily they always manage to save the day in their own POP-tastic way. Saban Brands is producing the new Popples series with ZAG Entertainment, exclusively for Netflix.