#StreamTeam – November Giggles with NETFLIX & Mask #Craft

It’s that time of year again. The kids have been back at school for a while; we’re gearing up for the holidays, the weather starts to turn cold and then everyone starts to come down with coughs, colds & flu. In our household, the kids all seem to pass viruses back and forth all winter long. There is barely a week goes by when somebody doesn’t have at least a sniffle and the worst times are when the kids are too sick to do anything but well enough to be bored and complaining. This is, of course, an excellent time to get hugs and cuddles from the little ones. We like to wrap up in blankets and curl up on the sofa, water bottles full and the vapouriser blowing while watching cartoons.

This is one of the times that I am glad to have Netflix. No getting up and down to change DVDs, no discovering we can’t watch a favourite movie because the disc has been scratched and no having to rifle through the DVD cases trying to find a disc that’s been put back in the wrong place! We just got ourselves nice and comfy, clicked on the kid’s profile we had set-up for Evey & Gabe and started to flick through. The only problem I have with Netflix is that sometimes there is too much to watch, but our #Streamteam email had suggested plenty of title for lots of laughs, so we started there.

This morning we watched Kung Fu Panda 2 – which is so much better than I expected. All of the characters, voices and beautiful animation from the first movie plus a great story for the sequel. Then this afternoon it was time for another sequel – Shrek Forever After. Again, I had low expectations – especially after Shrek 3 – but this was a well-made movie with a story that both kids and adults will enjoy. Definitely to be added to your “To be watched” list!

The other recommendations this month from Netflix were:

Big Kids

Cat in the Hat - 60031264_9698500 Cloudy with a Chance - 70113007_4231527 Despicable-Me Mr Poppers Pen - 70178623_1296483

Little Kids

 Horrid Henry - 70301529_9682901 Madagascar 3 - 70216224_2318246 Noddy in Toyland -80000008_9702186

Spongebob - 70011204_2696605 Tom and Jerry - 60022176_8569111 VeggieTales 80011539_11370876

Once they start to get a little better again, we will make some simple masks from our favourite Netflix movies, to keep the giggles going.


Paper plates
Con­struc­tion paper / fabric scraps / felt
Glue & Tape
Col­ored pen­cils / pens / paint
Pop­si­cle sticks


  1. Once you have decided on a character, decide whether or not you need to cut your plate to a particular shape.
  2. Draw where the eyes are going to go & cut them out
  3. Now the fun bit! Using construction paper, fabric scraps or felt, cut out the pieces to make your mask.
  4. Glue your pieces in place
  5. Paint / colour any remaining spots or extra details
  6. Use some tape to attach a lolly stick to the bottom and hey presto – you can be your favourite character.

Here are a few to go with the movies we watched on Netflix this week.

Shrek Ever After - 70117295_8869230


The fourth chapter of this fairy-tale series finds Shrek feeling less like a monster and more like an ogre in the midst of a midlife crisis. At his children’s birthday party he feels like an object of ridicule. He tells Fiona that he wishes he had never rescued her from the tower and he storms off.

What follows shows we should be careful what we wish for. I could tell you more – we’ve watched this three times this week – but you should really discover this one for yourself.

Or you could try Madagascar 3, where the gang takes a trip to Europe with a traveling circus.

Madagascar 3 - 70216224_2318246



Or maybe Mr. Poppers Penguins where Jim Carrey takes on the role of Mr. Popper, a businessman who inherits a flock of penguins and must transform his apartment into an arctic habitat.

Mr Poppers Pen - 70178623_1296483