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If I had to choose the thing that drives me most crazy about the kids playing hockey it would not be getting up in the middle of the night to get down to the rink for practice. It would not be the stink of the hockey gear or the need to have the planning skills of a military general in order to keep everyone’s schedules in order. It would be the inability of any child to remember to tell you when they are getting to the end of their stick tape before they run out. It is only ever mentioned as you drive up to the rink. “Oh I forgot, I’m out of tape and wax” will pipe up a voice from the back and then you have two options, drop everything to try and procure some tape asap or become the worst parent in the world. Ever. This is what happens when you run out of tape and you ruin your child’s life!

Personally, I am of the “worst parent in the world” persuasion, in the hope that continually having to go without would somehow induce them to remember to ask for things with plenty of warning. We have five children. This has not yet worked. Not once.

So in an attempt to elevate my parental status, I contacted Penalty Box to see if they could help. If you haven’t heard about Penalty Box, they are a monthly subscription service that will send you hockey essentials such as tape, wax, or laces and performance gear such as wrist guards, tee-shirts or dry-fit socks.

Thee are also three levels of box,

Under -13 Which has essentials and a few fun items

Over – 13 Which focuses on performance gear and practical needs for older players

Beer Leaguer – “For the skaters out of the competitive rink and skate for the love of the game.”

The Penalty Box sent us a box to try out, and this is what we received.

The package was sturdy, and there was no chance of it coming apart or being damaged in transit, but far more importantly, what was inside?

First up was a fab and funky tape tin from Howies Hockey Tape, with a roll of clear and a roll of white tape. Nestled next to this in the packaging was a matching tin of Howies Hockey Wax, a training ball, and an item of clothing.


I was so pleased to see Howie’s Tape in the box. It has excellent grip, is easy to apply to the stick, and has fantastic staying power. Taping your stick will lengthen its life and taping it with Howies will extend it more than any other tape, in my not so humble opinion.

Strangely enough, though, we have never used Howies Wax, until now and if there is a contest for the most bizarre reason for choosing a hockey wax, I will win hands down because although we would use it because it performs well, I would buy Howies Hockey Wax just for the smell. It is incredible and I am thinking of using it to coat all of the stinky hockey gear. Ok, not really, but it would be fabulous if I could because that stuff smells fabulous.

For after the game there was a high-quality Bauer tee-shirt and to ensure you always get items that are just for you, when you sign up to Penalty Box you are asked about tee-shirt size, sock size, etc.

Just because you aren’t on the ice doesn’t mean you can’t practice either. Tucked between the tape and the wax was a Smart Hockey MAXX Training Ball. Perfect for warm up and practices in the garage, street or driveway, you can use the ball for shooting, stickhandling, and passing drills as well as for building up the strength and resilience in your hands and forearms.

Tucked in the front of the box there was also a pack of Hockey cards which mysteriously disappeared. In our house, this means one of the kids laid claim to it and then laid low so as not to alert the others to their newly acquired swag.

So, would we recommend The Penalty Box? That would be a resounding yes. Not only is it a great buy to stop you running out of essentials at 5 am on a Thursday morning and then being the worst parent in the world, Ever. It provides a wide range of treats for the hockey player for which it is hard to buy.

Not only do they sell the monthly subscription box, which you can buy in 1 month, 3-month or 6-month packages but they sell tape in bulk, for huge savings. Surprise grab bags full of hockey stuff are available as well as a fantastic “Sniper Box” that delivers a one-off gift package containing everything you need for practice including a wrap around to protect your blade, practice balls and a goal for all those shooting drills.

About The Penalty Box

We’re a bunch of former players turned hockey dads.

Well, our playing days are over and now filled with early wake-ups, skate tying and tournament trips. We started the PenaltyBox because we love the game and saw an opportunity to stay close to the game and stay employed.

With headquarters and main warehouse based just North of Boston and three logistical centers located strategically across the US and Canada, we typically stay busy. When we aren’t answering customer calls, working on our next big giveaways and promotions or packing last minute boxes, you can normally find us at the rink, soccer fields or lake trying to get some family time.

Now a team of ten, our crew understands and lives and breathes to deliver quality boxes and customer service to our community. Without you guys, we don’t get to do what we love, so we welcome questions, comments, and feedback. You can reach us 24/7 at

– Drew and The PenaltyBox Team

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