Don’t have all the free time you need during the day to enjoy Pokemon Go? Maybe you like to catch ’em with your kids, but as the nights get longer, you have no daylight after work. Or perhaps you need to find an exciting new idea to shake things up a bit as the winter draws in and the nights are longer? 

Whatever your reason, you’ll be glad to hear there are great ways to play year round that I am more than happy to share with you all.

Pokemon Go – Glow in the dark adventures

There are some ways to enjoy a Pokmon Go – Glow in the Dark Adventure.

  1. Gather up some friends and family members to join you on this adventure
  2. Organise a Pokemon Go – Glow in the night Hunt for the teens at your school, youth group, or place of worship.
  3. Take the supplies on your camping trip for a unique nighttime adventure.

First, decide a cost and have everyone chip in to help you purchase the supplies. You will have to buy a few things to pull off a first-rate Pokemon Go Night Hunt Adventure with a glow in the dark twist. Next, make a list of the items you’ll need to “light up the night” and keep players safe by keeping them visible.  

To Play

  1. Set up your course – Before everyone plays lay out an area, you will all stay within and highlight checkpoints where players can discover secret surprises.
  2. Make sure everyone pairs up or is part of a team that stays together. – While this idea is for teens and adults, it is always safer to pair up when playing at night.
  3. Set a time limit and an end point – This way you can ensure players aren’t wondering around for half the night.
  4. Begin with one light – Everyone gets one glow in the dark item to start with, ensuring they are visible.
  5. Dish out some glow in the dark gear – Give every team a batch of items that can are then activated when a Pokemon is captured.
  6. Hide secret surprises – Place special glow in the dark items at checkpoints. The kids especially will enjoy this idea of discovery and treasure hunting along with all the fun of finding and capturing wild Pokemon in their app.
  7. Don’t forget to take selfies with some of each other’s wild Pokemon before you capture them.
  8. Have tasty treats, hot drinks, etc. waiting at the end for your celebration.

Have a blast and let yourselves “glow”! You’ll make lots of great memories, get fresh air and exercise, and have those glow in the dark gifts and Pokemon selfies to remember the occasion.

Safety Tips

  1. Only ever play in areas you know to be safe.
  2. Don’t include places where players may be out of contact with the group.
  3. Dress for the weather and stay warm.

Below you will find an excellent list of 15 items designed to help you enjoy Pokemon Go Adventuring with a glow in the dark twist:

Glow in The Dark Tape

This will help you mark out the play area or tape off areas that cannot be entered.


51graqcwlsl-_sl75_Glow Blacklight Body & Face Paint

Use this face and body paint before you start – perhaps you could paint teams in different colours.



LED Shoe Laces

These are fun at any time, and excellent additional safety features for cycling and walking at night.


51cwdbdrvbl-_sl75_Magical aqua blue tree heart – glow in the dark necklace

At only $4.49 his is a good choice as a prize or as a gift for players.



Temporary Glow in the dark tattoos

These are flowers, but they are available in many different designs.



Glow in the dark flashlight

Only $5.51 so you could get one for everybody and they would make an excellent keepsake.


Glow in the dark bracelets 412w6lo03yl-_sl75_

Assorted Colours



Glow stick glasses

Who knew such a thing existed? I want some of these.



Pokemon Glow in the dark activity book

An official sticker and activity book from Scholastic


51zdpuheftl-_sl75_Pokemon glows in the dark locket

This vintage look pendant is available in dark bronze or silver.

Glow in the dark Moustache

Perfect for a Movember glow in the dark party!

So play Pokemon Go at night or have a Pokemon Go themed glow party, either way you’ll have a fantastic time!




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