PercyVites – The coolest way to send an invitation #Review

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What are PercyVites?

Most children love to see themselves as their favorite character, and now you can choose a character to co-star with your little one in their very own video invitations with PercyVites.

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Now you can create your own unique, special birthday party memories for your child with PercyVites by uploading his or her photo, party details, and messages directly into your video invites. The best part is watching your child’s reaction as they see themselves in the world of their favorite character! PercyVites has an impressive selection of premium children’s party invitation themes feature beloved characters, like Max & Ruby, Johnny Test, Arthur, Caillou and more.

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This video shows some of the ways PercyVites can bring interactive excitement to your child’s invitations.

When you purchase PercyVites, you get a party dashboard that also allows you to send video thank yous, virtual loot-bags, and see who has accepted your invitation. You can even map your party, and your guests can add it to their calendars.

What Did We Think Of PercyVites?

First of all, I discovered that PercyVites made managing invites, replies and thank you’s a breeze. With the PercyVites dashboard, you have all of the information you need in one spot. No more shuffling lists, jotting down verbal RSVPs on a piece of random paper or forgetting one person on the thank you list. And the whole event stays live on your dashboard for 90 days – for those of us who are hideously bad at speedy thank yous.

Our guests said that having the ability to place the invite in their electronic calendars was a huge bonus – as was the party mapping feature. They were pleased not to have paper invites getting lost, not to have to call to RSVP and not to have to find our house themselves with an iffy Google Maps!

You don’t need any technical know-how to create the invites – PercyVites have ensured it is all done in 8 simple steps.

1. Select the character you want to star in your personalized video by clicking on it

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2. Input your event details and a special note
  • Name of event
  • Who the party is for
  • Specific details such as time, date and place
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3.Input the address of your party location
Learn How Step4. Write a message to your friends about the event
Learn How Step5. Select and quickly upload your photo
  • You can crop and move your picture after you have uploaded it
Photo files must be jpg, jpeg, png max size 5MB, 4096X4096 min size 25KB, 200X200
Learn How Step6. Schedule the delivery date of your invite and add all the people you will be inviting to your party
Have your invite list ready! You will need First Name, Last Name and Email Address for each invite.
Learn How Step7. Review and confirm your details
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8. Pay and Checkout!

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Virtual Loot Bags

Not only can you send invites and thank yous you can also make virtual loot bags! No more trailing through the store looking for smallish but affordable toys that will get cast aside quickly anyway. No more worrying about guests with food allergies, a food intolerance or a special diet. You can personalize your loot bag in the same way as the invites & thank yous, and you can choose  By delivering a gift card online you eliminate the chance of loot bag gift being lost or misplaced and the redemption code will be stored within the PercyVites thank you video emailed to each guest! You can choose from:


Cineplex Movie Passes
EB Games
Mastermind Toys
Toys R Us


Gift Cards
Gift Card Mall
Toys R Us

Where can I find PercyVites?

PercyVites (, a line of digital party products, that offers you the ability to easily create customized invitations that put your child alongside their favorite animated characters in short videos. Create unique party memories for your child by uploading photos, party details, and messages directly into the invitation and thank you videos, to start and end the party in style!

The invitations are priced on a per guest basis. For example, 8 guests = 8 x $0.79 = $6.32 plus applicable taxes. Each guest will receive a customized video invitation by email.