How Our Family Makes Healthy Choices With Kellogg : You Can Do It Too

Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and Kellogg and have received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

You don’t need me to tell you that being a mom isn’t a simple gig. The word “Mom” might be a short, snappy, and succinct one, but the role it describes is anything but simple.  On any day, a mom might be a counselor, taxi driver, nurse, janitor, referee, the list goes on and on. Today I’m writing with my chef, nutritionist, and life coach personas at the fore. I’m going to talk about one way I’m helping our family make healthier food choices – with Kellogg’s “Sugar WiseTM” cereals.

Our Family And Healthy Choices

We want our family to have a healthy relationship with food. Foodstuffs in our house aren’t ever characterised as “good” or “bad,” instead they are “More Healthy” or “Less Healthy.” We don’t ban any foods and do not use anything you can eat or drink as a reward or a special treat. Instead, when one of us is choosing an item of food or drink we look at the options available in the context of everything we have consumed during the last couple of days. Then we consider whether or not; our choice will help us lean towards “more healthy” or “less healthy.”

Our family is not alone. In Canada, an estimated 40% of food choices are inspired by the need for Health and Nutrition (Source: Ipsos; FIVE Data Period; R12M; Ending June 2017).

Kellogg’s Introduces “SUGAR WISE”

To make these choices more manageable, I’m always on the lookout for products that are not only good quality, tasty, and healthier options but that are also clearly labeled as such. Kellogg Canada offers five kinds of cereal with simply 1-4 grams of sugar – the boxes have a bright blue “Sugar WiseTM” logo which makes it even easier to find on the store shelf.

This is a huge bonus when shopping with the smaller kiddos. I let them know they can have any of the cereals with this logo and set them loose to make their choice.

Gabe’s Still Our Krispies Monster

Not that Gabriel’s choice would ever be in doubt. He will be twelve in a few months (how the heck did that happen so quickly?), and I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times he has eaten anything other than Rice Krispies® for breakfast. Here is a picture of him three years ago, when I last wrote about his love of Rice Krispies®. Next to it is a photo of him enjoying his Rice Krispies® this morning. Spot the difference.

Rice Krispies® has never been a “sugary, novelty” type cereal. Because of this, I had never really thought about the nutrition values in each bowl. On this occasion, for this post, I did check. I discovered that Kellogg’s Rice Krispies® cereal is made from puffed grains of rice and contains simply 3 grams of sugar per serving.  It is also a source of 8 essential vitamins and minerals. Also, there is the Rice Krispies® Brown Rice alternative. A delicious gluten-free cereal option that Kellogg’s makes with whole grain brown rice. It contains only 1 gram of sugar per serving and is a source of 9 essential vitamins and minerals.

However, rice isn’t the only simple grain to feature in the Kellogg “Sugar WiseTM” line-up. You can also enjoy the wholesome simplicity of wheat, rice, or corn cereals including; Kellogg’s Special K® Original, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes®, and Kellogg’s Crispix®. Like Kellogg’s Rice Krispies®. any of these are delicious on their own, with yogurt and berries, or with your favorite cereal toppings like fruit, nuts, and seeds. These are some of the ways in which we like to enjoy our Kellogg’s “Sugar Wise” cereals:

Maniacs With The Munchies

At this point, you were going to see a beautifully styled photo of some of the new Kellogg’s “Sugar WiseTM” packaging. This was so you would know exactly what to look out for in the store. However, I put the boxes on the kitchen counter and went to prep my photography studio. This sounds very flash, but it is also our homeschool room, den, and playroom. I came to claim my photo props, only to find they had been roughly opened and half of the cereal had been devoured.

So here, in the “real life for real families” tradition of RedheadedPatti, is what happens to boxes of Kellogg’s “Sugar WiseTM” cereals when they are left unattended in our house.

This also brings me to another point. Plenty of people still think of cereal as just a breakfast food. Kellogg’s “Sugar WiseTM” cereals can be the cornerstone of a healthy breakfast. However, in our house, they are also lunch, dinner, late night foods. In fact, they are a fantastic anytime snack, as evidenced by this gallery.

In Closing

Kellogg Canada encourages Canadian families like yours and mine to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle, including Kellogg’s cereals as part of a healthy diet. Look for the bright blue “Sugar WiseTM” logo on your cereal box if you’re managing your sugar intake.  For more information on Kellogg’s “Sugar WiseTM” cereal offerings, please visit

And if your family’s like ours? Make sure you hide one box, so you have something to snack on when everyone else has gone to bed. #SugarWise #KelloggPartner