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You know those toys that you see and immediately want to play with them yourself? You know what I’m talking about, you see it online or at the toy store and start trying to figure out if you can persuade one of the kids they want it – so that you can play when they are asleep. MiWorld is one of those toys. I was offered the chance to review a starter set & I must admit I chose the DQ version because I liked it and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive so I could get my hands on it!

miworld DQ 1

What is miWorld?

MiWorld is the only line of super realistic miniatures that allows kids to build, collect, connect, display, and play in their favourite stores and mall spots. When assembled, each Deluxe Set is 7.5 inches wide and includes two walls, one floor, one sticker sheet and over 25 accessories for you to build and customise your store. Each set is stand-alone and does not need anything else before you enjoy it. BUT All sets in miWorld snap together allowing kids to connect all of the stores vertically or horizontally and build their dream mall  Continue to grow your mall with Figure Packs, Collector Packs, additional Starter Sets and Deluxe Sets. Also, look for the free miWorld app in the iTunes store to play mini games, design your virtual avatar and bring her to life in your actual miWorld playset. Ages 7+

Stores available include:

  • DQ
  • Claires
  • Sprinkles Cupcake
  • Sweet Factory
  • Opi Nail Salon
  • Sketchers
  • Karaoke Playground

and you can buy all kinds of accessories, expansion packs and miniature dolls to go with your stores.

In this video, you can see some of the wonderful miWorld toys.


What did we think of miWorld?

MiWorld DQ 2

Evey was in love from the first time she set eyes on our miWorld DQ set. She has always liked playing games that involve cooking but, at almost seven years old, she is getting a little old for her trusty wooden food, and this was the perfect ‘step-up’ to bigger girl toys. The set was easy to assemble (apart from my OCD-induced need to have all of the stickers PERFECT), and in about 5 minutes we were playing. I found the miniatures easy to handle and my hands are not particularly small, so most adults will be able to play this with their kids comfortably.

MiWorld DQ 3

There were enough accessories included to provide plenty of play value & the expansion set was a bonus. Evey is the kind of child that enjoys pretending play, and she spent hours with this. It was certainly big (or should that be miniature!) hit with her. We all had to visit her store and order from the menu, then wait for our take out to be served. The only downside to this was that every time we played together I came away craving a Blizzard!.

 MiWorld DQ 4

 Would we recommend miWorld?

That would be a resounding yes. We have had the store for three weeks now, and she still plays with it every day – that certainly makes the miWorld DQ store a winner in my book.

Each set provides plenty of fun in its own right, and I can only imagine how much time Evey would spend with it if we bought other stores to connect with it. You can have just the starter set and have tonnes of fun. The little expansion packs and the dolls would make great stocking fillers, and I suspect that Evey may be receiving some of the other stores for her birthday in June.

The only problem with that will be – which do we choose?  The photo booth works with your smartphone; the OPI nail store has these adorable nail polishes, and there is even a vending machine. I may have to put these on my Christmas list!

Where can you buy miWorld?

miWorld starts at $19.99 for the starter sets (like our DQ set) and $3.99 for the little accessory packs and is available online and instore at:

  • Toys r Us,
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Kmart

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