Soap Buddy Button

This is a great, easy craft to do with the kids. You can use whatever supplies you have laying around and let their imaginations run wild. These are fun to make, and you can use different colours and types of soap. Soaps with a moisturising base make the best buddies if you want something of substance. Semi-transparent soaps melt much more quickly and are the best for making monsters. We have made monsters and spiders, flower people and animals.

You use smaller soaps or cut bigger bars up into smaller pieces. You can wrap them up and give them as presents – especially if you arrange them in small baskets or pretty hand made boxes.


  • Bars of soap – one per bath buddy
  • Microwave & microwave safe plate
  • Pipe cleaners,
  • Card,
  • Pom poms
  • Or whatever supplies you have to hand


1. Unwrap your bar of soap and lay it on a microwave safe plate

2. Choose your craft supplies

3. Cut out your shapes/pipe cleaners etc.

4. Arrange your supplies, on the table next to the plate. This is important you won’t have much time later!

5. Put the plate & soap into the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes.

6. Remove the soap from the microwave – be careful it’s hot.

7. Quickly, but carefully insert all of your pieces into the soap.

8. Allow to cool & enjoy!

Just don’t get to attached to them – they don’t last long in the bath.


  1. How perfect– I am always looking for very simple easy craft projects for my kids , that they all can do and useful too. This looks so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My grankids will love doing this. It sounds like alot of fun. They also love bath buddies.

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