Just Do Yoga Book #Review


*Disclaimer* I was provided with a copy of this book for free, to facilitate the review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, and all opinions are my own.

Just Do Yoga: The Complete Yoga Guide To The Best Yoga Poses For Total Mind And Body Bliss

Julie Schoen is a yoga expert, author, and contributor at Yoginiology.com and she makes practicing yoga fun and simple in her new complete guide for beginners, seasoned practitioners, and beyond!

The popularity of yoga continues to skyrocket thanks to the ancient practice’s ability to improve the lives of all who devote time to learning its techniques. More than just physical poses, yoga is about understanding how to reunite the mind, body, and soul. The result is powerful healing and amazing, youthful health and appearance for life.

In this complete guide you will learn:

* How To Develop A Home Practice Routine
* Use Yoga To Get A Full Night’s Rest
* Yoga Poses To Flatten Your Tummy
* How To Sculpt Every Inch Of Your Body With Yoga And Look  (Even More!) Great Naked
* Why Yoga Is So Helpful For Eliminating Chronic Back Pain
* How To Reduce Stress With Your Yoga Practice (And Lose Weight While You’re At It!)
* The Secret To Boosting Immunity With Yoga
* Ways To Practice Yoga At Work
* And So Much More!

I went through the book from the perspective of someone who has never practiced yoga before. I found the instructions very easy to follow but I was disappointed with the photographs. They are all in black & white and quite small, so it ‘s hard to see if what you are doing matches the photo.

I did feel that the ‘lifestyle’ routines were well structured and I tried the “Good Nights Sleep” and “Yoga at Work” routines. They would be simple to work into your day, and there seemed to be something for every eventuality. The chapters that touch on the history of yoga & on meditation are excellent, and I would certainly want to read more on these subjects.

On the whole, this book would probably be best for someone who had attended a few yoga sessions or who had someone with experience to practice with. I didn’t feel confident that I was doing it right and with the unclear photos I didn’t have a clear reference.