Join The Virtual Happy Hour Retreat With Peace, Love & Wine

I want you to meet one of my new gal pals, who is another Fempreneur. Her name is Tiffany Humfeld, and she is the founder of Peace Love & Wine. She has an excellent opportunity for any women in my community who wants to learn from successful Fempreneurs and Mompreneurs about how to juggle the various aspects of life and business with more harmony, grace, and ease. Learn profound self-care strategies and get resources you can apply to feel less stressed, tap into your creative side, and have a significant freaking amount of fun while getting more done!

When Tiffany reached out to me explaining that she is on a mission to help women stand up and support one another and take better care of themselves, of course, I was interested in participating in her women’s movement!  You know how firmly I believe in women lifting each other up.

Tiffany launched Peace Love & Wine in February 2017 to nurture her creative side, better attend to her own self-care, support other female entrepreneurs in their journeys, and have another vehicle that could help her create additional income to donate to a higher number of charitable causes and make a positive impact in her world.  In fact, for her launch party this year she coordinated an oceanfront wine pairing dinner in Long Beach, CA, with a professional Italian chef, and is donating a portion of the profits to The ALS Association. How cool is that?

Growing up as an only child, and sometimes being bullied by other kids, Tiffany struggled with confidence issues, perfectionism, body image, and depression.  As an adult, she realizes we’re all a work in progress and finds great meaning in her deep female friendships with women she considers sisters.

I will soon be a speaker on Tiffany’s upcoming podcast, but I wanted to urge you to sign up for the virtual happy hour retreat series which launches Wednesday, Nov 1,  where she is interviewing Fempreneurs and Mompreneurs who all have a firm belief in sisterhood. It’s called You’re Rocking Your Biz, But It’s Burning You Out: Tips and Tools From Top Entrepreneurs On How To Go From Overworked and Overwhelmed to OverJOYed!

You don’t want to miss this fantastic event! I have your complimentary virtual happy hour invite, and you can claim your seat at the happy hour retreat here: <link>

I know you’re a busy woman, so rest assured that you will be able to watch or listen from your computer, office or your mobile device on the go.

You will learn how to calm your mind, find peace in “micro-moments,” and receive encouragement. You’ll discover ideas for how to schedule downtime and gal time on your calendar as essential aspects of self-care and self-renewal. This will allow you to give yourself to the world and those you love (with a full charge, instead of a dead battery).

Reserve your virtual seat, tell your girlfriends (maybe even share a bottle of wine while watching), and get ready to learn tips and tools to improve your life and sanity in as little 1 to 5 minutes per day.

You can register for the Virtual Happy Hour Retreat here:  <link>