How To Perfect Your Makeup For The Fall

    Fall is a very exciting time when it comes to makeup because there are so many new shades and colors with which you get to play around. Warm reds, burgundies, oranges, purples and more – if ever you’ve wanted to experiment, now is the time.

    Here are some of the best tips to help you create that perfect look.


    You will first need to start with an excellent base to work off. Now it’s the Autumn time, your skin will tend to be a lot drier than how it would have been in the summer, so it’s essential to choose the right moisturizer to give you what you need. You will want to apply it first before you think about adding foundation, so it sits better on the face without it looking flakey. Also, it’s important to know that natural beauty products are the best kind of products because they will include ingredients that your skin is used to, as a pose to chemicals that will cause your skin to break out because it’s a foreign substance.

    When choosing your foundation, make sure that the color matches your own, and that it is made for your skin type whether that be dry or oily skin.


    This is where you really get to play with colors. Start with your base shade, this may be purple or a warm brown for example, and then build it up from there. You should never put on too much product to start with because it will be hard to correct any mistakes. So begin with a small amount of product on your brush and work up from that. The key is blending. You want everything to be smooth – you shouldn’t be able to see any lines between the different colors unless done deliberately. Don’t worry about being bold, as fall is the perfect time to experiment and go wild. Smokey eyes always go down well, along with a nice liner that wings out. This will alter the shape of your eye making it look more cat-like, which is very sultry and works wonderfully for a night out. And don’t forget your lashes, coat them with a black mascara, or if you’re a lot fairer, go with a dark brown to stick with the natural look.


    If you’ve been meaning to try that grape colored lipstick but have been too nervous – now is the time. Remember though, that the bolder you go with your lip, the softer you should go with your eyes. An unspoken rule is that it’s either one or the other – there’s a fine line between power and drag, so try not to get too carried away. When applying a lipstick, you should always coat your lips with a good balm first – like our skin – lips need to be moisturized before putting something on top of them. Another great tip, is if you want a matte lip but don’t own any matte lipstick, press a little translucent powder over them, et voila!



    1. thanks so much! i am new to makeup and am enjoying tips like this. never too old to be fabulous!

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