For some of us spring has sprung and so too have the thoughts of Easter Crafts! Gabriel is not a big fan of crafts, but this was quick and simple enough for him to enjoy and finish before he hit his concentration limit! Here are the instructions for the bunnies – and of course, we had to add instructions for a carrot – can’t have them turning from funny bunnies to sad ones because they are hungry can we now.

Materials – For one Bunny

  • 2 Pipe cleaners
  • 2 eyes
  • 2 small pom-poms
  • craft glue


  1. Take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around a pen until you have a tight spring shape
  2. Take a second pipe cleaner and bend it into an M shape – with the outer legs being longer than the inner ones. See picture
  3. Thread the legs of the M shaped piece through the spring and bend the ends over to make feet
  4. Adjust the ears until you are happy with them!
  5. Glue on eyes & nose then glue the tail, low on the body to help it stand up.

To Make the Carrots


  • 1 Orange pipe cleaner
  • 1/2 a green pipe cleaner


  1. Wrap the orange pipe cleaner tightly around a pen – using the pointy end to give it some shape. *Top Tip* Do not start at the point of the pen and work up – start about an inch up & work down. Otherwise, the pipe cleaner slips off & drives you crazy – I speak from experience!
  2. Cut the half pipe cleaner into 3 and twist the pieces together at the very end to make the leaves.
  3. Poke the leaves into the top of the carrot – you will have to adjust  the top of the carrot to close over the end of the leaves


  1. this is so cute!

    such a fun activity for kids especially affordable too.

    i’m gonna bring this up in the sunday school we go to each sunday.


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