How Many Words will your Word-Whammer Wham with a Word-Whammer that Whams Words

You won’t need to encourage your little ones to spin, push and twist the uniquely designed Word Whammer to learn letters and build words but you might need to help them to put it down. With five learning levels that adapt as they play, your budding literates will learn about upper and lowercase letters, letter sounds & word building while enjoying the 3 action-packed games.

The first thing you notice when you see the Word Whammer is the design. Not for LeapFrog the basic rounded unit with some buttons to press with your thumbs. Instead, there is this brightly coloured and strangely shaped item that immediately draws the attention and screams “Come & Play With Me.” It called & our kids answered.

As usual, Gabe resisted any attempt for us to read the instructions to him or wait for an explanation of how it worked. He waited patiently until I removed the packaging and instantly started to twist and slide the blue handle of the Word Whammer. Because it is so child-friendly, he was easily able to work out how to get the games started and before long he was playing “Pandas Tea-Cup Twister.” He was choosing lower case & upper case letters like a pro and copying the phonetics as they were played. I thought the simple, pixelated graphics might be a deterrent but they were quite the opposite -Gabe liked the animations because they were so simple and the electronic voice was clear & easy to understand.

His level of engagement with the Word Whammer was much higher than we get when trying flash cards or simple matching games, even though the principle is the same. It helps a great deal that he can get up and move about with the Word Whammer, even using it as a yoke for his pretend rocket while playing the ‘Dragon Rocket’ game.

The only thing that drew his attention away from the Word Whammer was the Leap Pad Platinum tablet with the magical Paw Patrol, TMNT & Letter Factory ImagineCards which you can read about here.

All in all, I would say that the Word Whammer is a great buy for budding readers and beginner readers alike and if you would like to try it they are available directly from LeapFrog, at Toys ‘r’ Us and in all good toy stores. It is recommended for ages 4+ and costs $24.99.

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I am a lucky member f the “LeapFrog Mom Squad” and as such I receive various LeapFrog products for free. I am not required to write reviews, favourable or otherwise and all opinions are my own. 



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