Make Your Own Lipsmacking Honey Butter Rum Lip Scrub

August may just be ending, but many of us are begining to experience the first hint of fall weather. With that thought in mind, I thought I’d share with you a great little recipe for a lip scrub that will slough off those dry, dead, skin cells and leave you pucker-up ready, instead of just puckered.


  • 1 tsp. Honey
  • Butter extract
  • Rum extract
  • 1 tsp. Olive oil
  • ¼ c. Granulated sugar


In a small bowl, add 1 tsp. of honey to a ¼ cup of granulated sugar.

Mix the honey and granulated sugar until they are well combined.

Add the 1 tsp. of olive oil to the sugar and honey mixture and stir again.

Mix all ingredients together in the bowl to form a loose paste. If your mixture is too crumbly, you can add a bit more honey. If it is too loose, add a little more sugar.

Add a few drops of rum extract. Be sure to only use a few drops of this extract, as it is very strong.

Add some butter extract to your lip scrub mixture.

Apply a bit of the scrub to your lips and massage lightly. Rinse, and store the scrub in an airtight container.


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