Long gone are the days when physical fitness, mental health, and proper nutrition were addressed separately. Today, we recognize that all three elements are intertwined and to get the best in one area you have to do the best you can in the others.

The Healthy Green Athletes team have developed a monthly subscription service that brings you products that align with the HGA core values of personal well-being, excellence, teamwork and environmental stewardship; bringing together all elements of personal health while also recognizing the role of a healthy planet.

When you subscribe to HGA you will receive a box each month with at least five products (although I have never seen a box with just five) which could range from personal care products, snacks, supplements, home items and many more. The service is designed to help you discover brands which will enhance your athletic performance, promote recovery after exercise and support your overall health.

Having these items sent to your door exposes you to brands you might not otherwise discover and reminds you of the need for self-care.

What Was In The Box?

The box was packed full of new and interesting items. I briefly saw there was a great little lime green notebook with a firm green cover but that was swooped upon and has been lost forever into Gabriels box of treasures. As far as the items I had a chance to see go, there were, in addition to the notebook:

A Giant Sequoia tree in a box. Yes, you read that right, a tree in a box. Well to completely accurate the seeds to sow and grow your own giant sequoia. A fully grown tree would have required a much bigger box and probably not fit into the mail truck.

Taco Seasoning. This was fabulous because one of the few meals all of our family agree is fabulous is tacos. The kids eat their veggies and everything so this won’t hang around in the cupboard until it gets old and then thrown away like some other seasoning mixes in our house.




Cinnamon toast flavored pumpkin seeds. These were an instant hit and I used them a little like dog training treats in order to get the kids to do stuff for me – score!




Stinger, gluten-free organic salted caramel flavored waffles. These felt quite chewy through the packaging but are more of a cookie texture with a slight chew at the end. I wasn’t a huge fan of this particular item but that’s just personal preference and it didn’t stop me trying the second one.



Jahmu Chai mix which went to fuel my general chai addiction.







Bumble Bar. This tasty chewy peanut butter chocolate energy bar was so good I was forced to exercise in order to justify eating it! After going online I discovered a load of different flavors and I will be tracking these down to take on the trails.

How Can You Get A Healthy Green Box?


Healthy Green Boxes offer month-to-month options where you can cancel anytime, or pre-pay options to help you save money.

Month-to-month: $24.99

3- Month Pre-pay: $71.30

6-Month Pre-pay: $139.00

12-month Pre-pay: $275.00

Healthy Green Box On The Internet


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  1. Such wonderful and different items are in this box. I know I would enjoy the Stinger, gluten-free organic salted caramel flavored waffles.

  2. My family tries to be healthy and we are always looking for new products to help us stay healthy. This would be a great way to try new things each month. Really cool idea.

  3. This box has a lot of interesting products that I would love to try! My family and I are always looking for new healthy foods and snacks that are also tasty!!


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