How would you like to present your child with a certificate to show they have made Santa’s nice list? Sound good to you? Great, in that case, I have just the thing. Download the RedheadedPatti Santa Letters and Documents Pack and you can:

  • Print a certificate to show your little one they have made it to Santa’s nice list.
  • Print a pre-written letter from Santa on the official North Pole Stationery.
  • Give your kiddo a matching, blank letter to Santa sheet so they can write to their annual letter.
  • Produce any other document you like on our blank, fillable, official North Pole stationery

We all know that the big man in red and white has been making a list. He’s checked it twice and guess what? – you made the nice list. To prove you have made it why not print our official North Pole Certificate to celebrate?

If that doesn’t float your sleigh, perhaps you’d like to print one for your little one? Not only can you download and print the certificate, that has a space to include your child’s name, but you can also download and print a letter from Santa congratulating them on their achievement.

Alternatively, perhaps you have a child who has a little bit of work to do before climbing their way off of the naughty list. If so, you can print a copy of the blank Official North Pole stationery and write a personal, and more appropriate letter. I’m thinking in our house it might read something like “I see you’ve been working hard on your schoolwork, all you need to do now is go to bed at bedtime without giving mom and dad a hard time for a half-hour.”

Maybe that’s a little too specific to be believable – but you get the idea.

So, here you go, your Santa Letter Kit, complete with a Nice List Certificate. Once you have downloaded the PDF you can use it for as many of your children as you like. Alternatively, you might want to use it for your class at school, your scout troop, or maybe even your office.

Get your Santa’s Nice List & Letter Kit today, and put a smile on someone’s face tomorrow.