Get the VIP treatment you deserve at the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique

Let’s face it; holiday shopping is not always the most fun thing to do. I enjoy making a list (& checking it twice) planning the shopping and enjoying the thought of the look on the gift recipients face when they open their present. What I don’t like is being hot & bothered, squashed up against a thousand other struggling shoppers dragging bags through the mall and wondering if I could juggle a drink with my bags if I risked a trip to & long lines at the food court.


Fortunately for me, this year I was treated to a VIP pass to enjoy the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique and wow – they are not kidding when they say you are a VIP!

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To start with we were all greeted by the smiling, friendly lady concierge who welcomed us to the Boutique and asked us if there was anything, in particular, with which she could help us. She directed us to the beautiful refreshments bar where the kiddos were soon loaded up with cream topped hot chocolate & gingerbread men. There were also coffee, tea and cold drinks available as well as a wide variety of snack options, from cookies to fresh fruit – all of which were free.


Once we had checked our coats, we went over to the seating area for a rest. The boutique is set up in such a way that the little groups of chairs make you feel like you’re in your own private room. It is very peaceful & restful and the best place ever to take a break from your holiday shopping.

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If like us, you have the children with you, they are welcomed with open arms. In addition to the tasty treats, there is also a children’s Christmas library! Evey tried to persuade me that as the ‘Frozen’ book she had been reading didn’t have an Avion sticker on it like all the others, it was free & she could take it home – sorry Evey!

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Once you have done your shopping, you can have your gifts wrapped for you, at no charge, quite the bonus when you have some things to do when you get home & have to work out where to find the time to wrap gifts.

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You can discover more about the VIP experience by visiting @RBC_Canada or to find out how you can become an Avioner and have your family look this relaxed while Christmas shopping.