Are you looking for a special dining experience without breaking the bank? Montreal has an extensive history of displaying some of the finest restaurants in all of Canada. It’s a place where you can find interesting choices from delicacies all around the world, but it’s important to know that you can enjoy a meal while staying within your budget. Here are four great choices to get you started.

Toujours Mikes

Image via Flickr by gpoo

If you have spent any time in Montreal, then you likely know about the incredible Italian eateries throughout the city, especially pizza places such as Mikes. Building their reputation since 1967 as a traditional Italian restaurant with top-quality ingredients for their pizza, pasta, subs, and a delightful breakfast menu, Mikes brings the best out of the city of Montreal.

The best part? If you order online now, you can use this Mikes promotion for 15% off your takeout order at regular price. That’s a great bargain for an even better meal.

Tabla Village

If you are ready to take an adventure to Tabla Village, you’ll be treated to one of the finest selections of Indian food in the city. Enjoy a variety of chicken, lamb, or Tandoori chicken meals with rice, as well as a variety of vegetarian delights. Cap off your meal with one of their famous Indian sweet treats and you’ll find yourself satisfied, especially when you use your 10% discount for takeout. Don’t forget to print off your coupon.

Mango Bay

Have you been looking to get an authentic Caribbean meal in the city of Montreal? Then look no further than Mango Bay, a restaurant known for their experienced chefs and entertaining atmosphere, from the exotic decor to the professional and inviting service they provide from the moment you walk in the door.

Start your meal with your choice of enchanting entrees such as their mouth-watering spicy wings before dipping into their house specialty, the Jerk Chicken, or one of their fish plates from a menu plentiful in options. You’ll go home satisfied that you’ve been treated to a real Caribbean experience while enjoying this 15% discount.

Osaka Sushi

If you are interested in being treated to a traditional Japanese dining experience, then you’ll be pleased when you walk into Osaka Sushi, as they offer not only a delectable Japanese meal, but also a way of life through their artwork, tatami rooms, and sushi counter.

Are you a sushi connoisseur? Then you’ll be delighted to try out their exotic sushi menu, featuring maki and sashimi rolls served with a variety of side dishes that you can make your own. After all, why not try a little bit of everything? If you’re in a bit of a rush, don’t worry; they offer a 10% discount off when you order takeout.

As you can see, Montreal has a wide variety of restaurants, each with its own unique take and presentation on their authentic cultural dining experience. Use one of these great deals today to fill up on the joy of food without making your wallet feel overused.