You know that feeling you get when you need a plastic container with a lid and you open up a drawer in the kitchen and find exactly what you need – with the right lid? No, me either. I used to keep all of the boxes and lids in a cupboard, but during the great plastic avalanche of 2014, caused by my opening the door without due caution, I was hit in the face by a variety of plastic tubs and subsequently moved the mismatched stash to a deep kitchen drawer.

During this move, I made an effort to sit and match up the correct lids & containers. All odd pieces were consigned to the craft bin for reuse, and the survivors were organized, so they were easy to see and easy to get. Fast forward two weeks and the drawer looked like a tornado had hit it. Inexplicably there were lids and tubs that were mismatched, none of the containers seemed to have the right lids and you could either have a giant tub or a tiny tub but nothing in between.

When I asked the kids about this I was told:

  • “I needed some lids to draw around, so I just used those”
  • “The big ones were too big for the ants.”
  • “I couldn’t put the owl poop in a plastic bag in case it bust.”

These are all genuine responses to my question and are also a fair reflection of what it is like in our household!


So when I was asked to try out the new Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids, I was eager to give them a try. “They will make your home storage easier, ” they said. “The lids snap together and onto the tub, so they don’t get lost” I was told. “And you don’t live in a house like ours, ” I thought.

A few days later my boxes arrived and straight away I was happy to see that they are suitable for the dishwasher and the freezer. It’s not unusual in our house for me to start prepping dinner, only to be told by one of our teens that they are going out and won’t be around for dinner. In these case, I freeze the spare and ensure there is always home made ‘ready meals’ on hand. The Rubbermaid boxes were perfect for this, and on several occasions, I have given the boys the prepped food & they’ve taken it with them to heat after a game or at a friend house – perfect!


The tubs have been well designed. The 7-cup, 5-cup, & 3-cup sizes all use the large lids, the 2-cup & 1.25-cup sizes use the medium lids, and the 0.5-cup containers use the small lids. So for six different sized tubs, you only have three different size lids. This makes storing and sorting them very easy indeed and the complete set nests so the footprint in my cupboard was significantly reduced.


The lids can snap onto the bottom of the tub or can be locked together to form one neat lid stack. The snap on bottom was great for the smaller kids who tend to open a box, drop the lid & lose it. I’ve lost count of the number of backpacks that have come home with empty, lidless containers but since I showed them how to push the tub onto the lid and listen for the click – every tub has come back with a lid!

Since first trying the Rubbermaid easy find lids I have been out and bought more. They are great in the little kid’s room for storing Lego, toy food and trains. They have transformed my craft cupboard from the dark place where I open the door and quickly shove the thing in and hope they don’t fall out again, into a place where I can open a door and see what I have at a glance. Everything easily visible and accessible in my pleasing ordered boxes! No more holding things on the shelf with one hand while I rummage for what I need with the other.

Now, thanks to Rubbermaid, when I think of opening a cupboard I no longer feel like this

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instead, I feel like this!

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