“Dragons – Race to the Edge” Summer Adventures #Streamteam

Hiccup_Gallery_httyd2_1wmChildhood should be a time of wonder, a time of curiosity, a time of adventure. Even if, like us,  you are at home all summer long there is no shortage of opportunities to make things magical and create memories with your kiddos.

After seeing the first “How to Train Your Dragon” Evey fell in love with all things Vikings lots of time asking for a “Toofress” dragon. Even now,  4 years later when she can say “Toothless” properly, she still enjoys the sense of escape and adventure the movie evokes.So it was no surprise that when Evey discovered there was a new Netflix series “Dragons – Race to the Edge” she wanted to sit down and watch all of the episode at once.

Now, I usually try to be consistent with the kids – if I tell them they can or can’t do a particular thing I make sure I behave in the same way. However, on this occasion I had no problems with being a hypocrite because although I love to binge watch a series there’s no way I letting the littles get into that habit, so we agreed on 2 episodes and a Dragons themed indoor picnic instead.

The littles helped me make Dragon Egg sandwiches and Dragon poop deserts and Doritos & Bugles were transformed into Dragon scales & claws. Thank goodness for egg shaped cookie cutters & chocolate & marshmallows

Dragon egg sandwichesDragon poopsDragon Claws Dragon scales While the kids watch cartoons I am usually with them but working on the laptop, paying half attention to the screen. Not this time. Their dad and I watched with them and became almost as immersed in the show as they were! The animation is beautiful (as you would expect from Dreamworks) and the storylines keep you watching to discover what happens next. We enjoyed it so much we nearly relented on the “No binge watching for the kids” rule! As you can see from this picture the littles paid complete attention to the story, they didn’t want to miss a moment.Kids watching DragonsAfter their episodes the littles were, of course, all fired up for all things Dragons. So over the next few days we:

  • Drew an ancient map of Dragons Edge
  • Made an Astrid costume
  • Put together our own book of Dragons
  • Made a Toothless costume
  • Drew Dragons on the drive in chalk
  • Made a Dragons Eye (you’ll have to watch the series to find out about that one!)
  • Coloured, word searched, mazed and generally made lots of our activities.
  • Had a Dragon game garden carnival

I’ll be sharing these activities in more detail over the coming days starting tomorrow with this – our ancient map of Dragons Edge

Our ancient map of Dragons EdgeYou can find all of the details for all of the activities, as well as “15 Great Dragon Party Ideas” & “20 Wonderful Dragons Craft Ideas” by following the Dragons-Race to the Edge series tag.

If Dragons aren’t the thing to get your adventurer boots walking then how about some of these other great adventure offerings from Netflix:



We have seen all of the “Puss in Boots” series and they are fantastic but by far my favourite in this list is “The Adventure of Figaro Pho”. The little boy in the series is scared of almost everything and each episode deals with a phobia and how he overcomes it. Well worth watching with or without the kids.

Let me know about your summer adventures – I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. go dragons go..I have similar situation at home…but love this series..it’s really good..

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