“In Bloom” Digital Planner

Organize your life and track your progress toward your goals with our incredible 526-page planner. Each month has:

  • A full planner page for each day.
  • Budgeting sheets and savings tracker.
  • A four-week meal planner page.
  • Shopping lists in two formats.
  • Activity, Weight, Sleep, and Mood Trackers.
  • A chore chart.

In addition, there are:

  • Multiple styles of journaling page.
  • Multiple medical history pages so you can keep details for yourself and family members.
  • Several pages for recording your contacts.

With a smooth network of hyperlinks and an easy-to-navigate layout, our planner makes it simple to move between pages, sections, and trackers. 

For example, you can:

  1. Use tabs at the bottom of the planner to navigate directly to each month and then from the monthly planner page to each day.
  2. Move from the annual planner page directly to any date.
  3. Navigate from any single-day planner page to any other day of the month.
  4. Every page also includes links to contacts, medical info, the annual planner page, and the home page.

Using a digital planner allows you to always have your planner with you without adding anything else to carry. Plus, some note-taking apps give you the option to use cloud-based storage, meaning you can access your planner on multiple devices.

How Do I Use A Digital Planner?

To use a digital planner, you download it to your device and then upload it to a note-taking app such as Goodnotes or Xodo. Then you can write in the planner by either typing or using a stylus.

Can I Print My Digital Planner?

All of our digital planners can be printed.

Which Notetaking App Should I Use?

Some note-taking apps require a payment or subscription. Our favourite apps are Xodo and Goodnotes.

Plus, some apps, such as Goodnotes, allow you to synchronize your planner across a number of devices, making it accessible on your phone, tablet, and computer.

How to Use a Digital Planner

  1. Download your digital planner to your device.
  2. Upload your planner to your digital note-taking app.
  3. Open your planner and either type into the fields or write with a stylus pen.