Do Your Kids Love Anime Yet?

There are a lot of kids characters in media, and there’s a lot to influence our kids on the big and small screens by which they are surrounded. Unfortunately, not all of those influences are positive ones, so we find ourselves striving to find TV shows or movies that have family-friendly goodness at the heart of their message, while still being appealing to our kids at their current stage of development. 

Having said that, sometimes it is good to just have fun with what we watch. Let’s face it, as adults; we don’t always watch shows and movies with a strong moral content or educational value. There are times when you want to switch off, relax and watch something you don’t have to think about and our kids are just the same. From time to time empty fluff is ok, so don’t get too serious about the lessons you think your child should be learning from the screen. You can still get some great role models out of cartoons after all. Here are some recommendations to check out.

Movies, Movies, Movies

Studios like Disney and Ghibli are always going to be popular amongst our younger children, and that’s because there’s a lot of creativity to their films and as a bonus, there’s usually a positive message behind each one. When your child can see someone like themselves do something crazy, like take on the form of a fish, they’re going to have something fun to identify with while not losing out on any creativity.

Have You Tried Anime?

Anime feels like it’ a fairly modern medium, despite the fact that it’s been around for a long time. It is often neglected by the mainstream yet there’s a lot of creativity and interactivity involved here. Of course, not all anime is for children, and if you are not familiar with anime, it is advisable to ask someone who is or check out a title online before you let your kiddos watch.

Something like gintama has a lot of fun to it, and the premise is incredibly creative. There are quite a few episodes to sink your teeth into, so if your kids are bored on a Saturday morning, fire up the laptop. A samurai living in a time when samurais are no longer needed, while aliens are invading covers lots of interests. It can even lead to some cutting and sticking in their free time, making outfits to match their favorite characters.

Look To (Some) Celebrities

There’s no better way to impart life lessons than to use real people in real time. They can work for both girls and boys, and they can be in or out of the entertainment sector. If your child has big career plans, help them find people in the field they love.

People like Zendaya who work on children’s TV and can be spotted in some of the biggest blockbusters of the year is just one good example for someone your kids can have fun with whilst having someone positive to whom they can look up.