The Amazing Earth/Dinosaur/ Animal/Space Quiz Books From @DKCanada #Review

There are many excellent Dorling Kindersley books that we have been fortunate enough to review in the past and this months selection from their Spring Break Boutique was no exception. Spring Break is just starting in our part of the world so it was excellent timing. We received four ‘Amazing’ quiz books – Earth, Space, Animal & Dinosaur and the kiddos were all over them straight away.

IMG_5656 editEach of the books follows the same format- Quizzes, Fast Facts, Answers & Acknowledgements. There are three difficulty ratings for the quizzes – Easy (green) medium (blue) and hard (red), and each one is given a quiz number. All of the questions are multiple choice and are also numbered – this makes it very easy to find the answers at the back of the book. IMG_5658 editAlso, each item is color coded so, if you want to learn more about that subject you can turn to the corresponding color in the Fast Facts section. At the top of each double page quiz, you will find an interesting nugget of information, and each quiz also has at least two questions about the photos on the page.

IMG_5659 edit IMG_5662 editWe used the books to both dip into and to be a jumping off point for other learning. When Evey or Gabe found a question & answer they found particularly interesting we would check out the fast facts section of the quiz book, then move onto other books or online resources (DK FindOut is excellent).

The books are perfect for some family fun as well – we’ve had some mini ‘quiz nights, ‘ and the different levels ensure everyone was challenged, although some of us adults struggled with the easy sections while the kiddos excelled on some of the hard parts – just keep that info to yourself!

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  1. Awesome books for the kids, love the bright colorful photos, great way to promote learning. My kids love learning about there animals, bugs, and insects, so they would love the earth and animal books.

  2. We recently added some new DK books to our collection! My girl is fascinated with the dInosaur book we got!

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