It is often difficult to find crafts simple enough to make with the kiddos yet also appropriate for giving to anyone of any age. These lovely little hand warmers can be made in any colour, in any shape you are willing to cut out and sew, and you can change the gift card. This is the perfect craft to personalise for the person you will be giving it too.

Looking for the perfect gift for everyone in your class or your office – look no further.

1. Using a simple shape such as a heart or a star as a pattern, cut two pieces out of a brightly coloured fabric.

2. Place the right sides of fabric together and sew around the shape leaving 1/4″ edge.  Leave a 1.5″ unsewn opening.

3. Turn right side out.

4. Using a funnel, fill your hand warmers with uncooked rice.

5. Pin the opening, so it looks good and stays closed.


6. Using a needle and thread, sew the opening shut.

7. Print the printable on white cardstock and cut apart the cards. Alternatively, attach a small card or gift tag.


8. Place one card and a hand warmer in a clear bag or use the card as a tag and tie it around the hand warmer.

9. Giveaway to someone who deserves warm hands!

So tell me, what shapes will you make and who will you be making your hand warmer for?


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